Whaler’s Realty Inc.

February, 2009

With a company motto like “Ask for the Best,” how can Whalers Realty Inc. on Maui not excel?

But the asking goes both ways: At Whalers, employees and employer demand the very best from each other, plain and simple. That excellence is then passed on to every customer who chooses Whalers.

It’s no surprise, then, that for the past 33 years Whalers Realty has been a leader in the industry because of its understanding of the marketplace and its ability to deliver integrity, knowledge and great customer service. But for principal broker and owner Bob Cartwright and his wife, Tess, success starts at home. They know that investments in their employees are investments in their company.

That’s why the Cartwrights are willing to spend time and money training their employees and rewarding them for their contributions. For example, the company established a health and wellness program, in which each employee is eligible for six paid health and wellness days. This allows the employees to schedule doctor’s appointments, enroll in a health or physical fitness class, get a massage or do anything else that will contribute to their overall wellness. The Cartwrights also cover all costs affiliated with educational or development opportunities that will promote individual growth.

With only eight employees and about 30 agents, Whalers’ sales volume for 2007 was more than $210 million, although sales dipped to about $116 million in 2008. Bob Cartwright is no stranger to the cyclical real estate industry. In today’s uncertain times, his strategy is the same: work hard, dedicate both himself and his company to excellence and always ask for the best.

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