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2011: Top 250

Welcome to the Hawaii Business Top 250 list of the biggest companies in Hawaii, the most comprehensive compilation of the state’s business elite.

We rank companies based on annual gross sales, and include the number of employees, and names of key executives.
For companies not based here, we include only the gross sales for their Hawaii operations. Unfortunately, there are large companies that operate in Hawaii but are not listed for one of three reasons:
• Their U.S. or international parent does not provide separate data for Hawaii-based operations;
• The company is Hawaii-owned, but lacks sufficient data;
• The company is Hawaii-owned, but refuses to disclose its annual gross sales.

How we collected the data

Starting in January, Hawaii Business researchers used national databases, annual reports, previous Top 250 lists and other methods to create a list of companies to survey. Every effort was made to collect correct information, but the databases used by Hawaii Business and its research partners may reflect some human error and some companies that should be included might not appear on this list.
Referrals and databases were only a starting point. We used current annual reports, tax form 990, or Securities and Exchange Commission filings. When these documents could not be found, Hawaii Business researchers surveyed the companies and asked for self-reported financial data.
Businesses are asked to use generally accepted accounting principles for their industry or industries in calculating gross sales. If questions about GAAP arose, we relied on the expertise of the accounting firm Accuity LLP.
We collect additional information on each company: key executives, number of employees, parent company, and a list of operating DBAs, subsidiaries and divisions.
Hawaii Business does not assume any liability for the absolute correctness of the information.

Our definitions

• Rank: A company’s placement on the list by total gross sales. If annual gross sales were equal, companies were ranked by number of employees.
• Gross annual sales: The latest available annual company revenue for the local operations and its subsidiaries. Revenues may have been for a calendar year or a fiscal year. For companies headquartered in Hawaii, sales reflected the revenues of the company and all of its subsidiaries in the state, on the Mainland or overseas. For a company whose parent was based outside of Hawaii, revenues reflected Hawaii sales only.
• Employees: In most cases, the figure reflects persons working 20 hours or more per week.
• Parent company: This refers to the parent of the ranked company. Companies surveyed were asked to identify their ultimate parent companies and their locations.

Our other lists

The main Top 250 list is followed by these secondary lists:
• Big gainers and losers: Page 126
• Alphabetical company index: Page 130
• No longer in the Top 250: Page 139
• Total sales: Page 141
• Foreign-owned companies: Page 142
• Neighbor Island companies: Page 144

Should your company be in the Top 250?

If your company has gross annual sales around $16 million or more but is not on the list, please submit information to Hawaii Business to be considered for next year’s Top 250.
E-mail us at feedback@hawaiibusiness.com or call 534-7529.


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