Are You a Hawai‘i Landlord or Property Manager Who Sold or Renovated Your Long-term Rental? We Want to Speak with You.

We’re working on a story about the impacts of the dwindling rental stock and what prompts people to sell or renovate their properties.
Housing Sale And Rental Concept
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Check back in July for the final story.

Many are taking advantage of Hawai‘i’s hot housing market by selling or renovating their properties.

This has been well-documented in local and national articles about rising home prices, bidding wars, cash offers, and high demand from out-of-state buyers and renters.

What hasn’t been as well documented are the impacts this is having on Hawai‘i’s long-term rental market. Hawaii Business Magazine wants to speak with local landlords and property managers who have sold or renovated their rental units. (We’re also planning to speak with renters who have been impacted by this. That callout is available here.)

We understand there are many reasons why a property owner may want to sell or renovate their rental. Some may do it to help their own families’ economic situations, because they could no longer afford to keep the rental, because it’s a good business decision, because it’s the only way the property can get needed repairs or because they have to move away – just to name a few examples.

This questionnaire should take you about 5-10 minutes. You can email with any questions or concerns.

We plan to publish this story in July, so please fill out the questionnaire by June 29.

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