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HR 360°: Using a Staffing/Search/Recruiting Firm to Your Best Advantage

presented by Bishop & Co.

To: Employers

Unemployment is at a record level in Hawaii and talent is scarce. Finding qualified employees requires much more than posting a job on your website or on Craigslist, CareerBuilder, or LinkedIn. Finding talent takes talent. It is an employee market right now. Candidates don’t need your job – the good ones have multiple offers. Recruiting/Staffing firms can offer talented recruiters to source staff to fill your vacant positions, but, yes, there is a fee.

How can an employer negotiate the best rate? By being a staffing firm’s favorite kind of client, namely a client whose:

  • Job description is current and accurate
  • Compensation is competitive with the current marketplace
  • Decision makers are available to the recruiting firm
  • Decision makers do not change the job description or compensation mid search, and thereby requiring the staffing firm to completely re-start an entirely new search with new parameters.
  • Decision makers understand the current market
  • Decision makers respond immediately to the staffing firm
  • Budget for a competitive salary is already pre-approved
  • Decision makers know how to market their own company
  • Decision makers know how to show they value a candidate and respect their time and requirements in a compensation package
  • Decision makers are decisive and not unreasonable in terms of expectations

For clients like this, staffing firms will be open to negotiating their fee, whether it is for an entry level or executive role.

Employers should be thoroughly prepared with updated, approved, and budgeted job requisitions BEFORE contacting a search/recruiting firm. Negotiations will go much smoother, and the search will be faster and much more successful at providing the best qualified and screened candidate available.

These are just a few suggestions, but they will make a significant difference in an employer’s ability to build its team, and to negotiate good value for the search fee charged.


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