5 Steps

5 Steps to Getting your emails read

Business-writing expert Gail Honda shares tips to ensure that your e-mails get noticed

5 Steps to Networking

5 Steps to Winning Through Your Team

5 Steps to Publishing a Book to Win Clients

What's the best way to attract more clients? Small-business consultant says write and publish your book and give it away to prospects.

5 Steps to Becoming a Better Public Speaker

Motivational speaker and speaker trainer Annette Lynch shares 5 steps to help you overcome nerves and engage your target audience.

5 Steps to Understanding Arbitration Clauses

Increasingly, small-business contracts include arbitration clauses that seek to limit potential lawsuits. Mark Davis, a partner with Davis Levin Livingston, offers these tips to help you understand...

5 Steps to Becoming the Master of Your Time

Once you have a vision for your life that includes your main values and whatever else is most important to you, then take these steps to ensure that vision comes true.

5 Steps to Creating a Risk-Management Plan

You have a business idea and are mapping out your business plan. Here are five steps to ensure that appropriate risk management is included in your overall business plan.

5 Steps to Creating a Clear Sense of Purpose

When properly done, mission statements inspire people by giving their work meaning and proclaiming the organization's purpose. However, some have fundamental flaws. Here are some tips to make your...

5 Steps to Negotiating Conflict

Conflict negotiation arises in many contexts, both business and personal, but successful negotiation does not just happen. Here are tips to help you negotiate a successful resolution.

5 Steps to Starting an eCommerce Business

Maui-based Jennifer Varner, the founder of BellaBluMaternity.com, helps people start their own ecommerce companies

5 Steps to Creating a Culture of Innovation

Management consultant Vino Mehta offers this guide to creating a culture of innovation

5 Steps to a successful media interview

Lori Teranishi explains how to handle your next media interview

5 Steps to Writing a Business Plan

When starting a business, writing a business plan should be your first priority.

5 Steps to a successful business meeting

Dan Bower, general manager of the Plaza Club, offers some tips for your next business meeting.

5 Steps to Becoming a Sustainable Business

Scott Cooney, adjunct professor at the University of Hawaii's Shidler College of Business, offers strategies on making sustainability work for your business.

5 Steps to a More Civil Workplace

Penelope Paik of Civility International offers a few tips on creating a better work environment with your colleagues.

5 Steps to Creating a Mobile App

Could a mobile app improve your company's customer service?

5 Steps to Social Media Success

Get the most out of Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google and Foursquare.

5 Steps to Accessing Capital

SBA's Elizabeth Echols provides tips on how to obtain financing

5 Steps To Email Marketing

Damian Davila, online marketing consultant and CEO of Idaconcpts.com, shares tips for smart email marketing.

5 steps to marketing in Japan

5 Steps to Applying for a Business Loan

First Hawaiian Bank vice chairman Ray Ono explains how to get a business loan.

5 Steps to Getting a Liquor License in Honolulu

Read our how-to guide and avoid repeat visits

5 steps to Writing a Press Release

5 Steps to Private Banking

High-net-worth and business owners can have their own personal banker.

5 Steps to Better Public Speaking

Mark Blackburn, treasurer of Honolulu’s Downtown Business Association Toastmasters, offers tips to help you be an effective speaker.

5 Steps to Make the Most out of Yelp

Here's how to make Yelp your ally and not your enemy.

5 steps to Planning an Event

Philip Richardson of Current Affairs gives these tips on getting the most out of your events.

5 Steps to Start Investing in Real Estate

Kim Kiyosaki bought a single rental home in 1989 and has 2,000 today. Here’s how she did it.

5 Steps to Saving on Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Bob Dove of HEMIC shares his tips on saving on insurance premiums

5 Steps to Buying an Existing Business

Gabe Lee, executive vice president of commercial marketing at American Savings Bank, explains a little about what to act upon when purchasing a business

5 Steps to Making Meetings Work

Attorney Elizabeth Kent of the Hawaii Judiciary’s Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution discusses how to make meetings more efficient.

5 Steps to Handling the Media

Hawaii presentation coach Pam Chambers gives tips on working a television interview

5 Steps to Making a Million Dollars

There's a reason some people are wealthy: they learn to manage their time, resources and passions.

5 steps to Build Trust In the Workplace

According to Kalei Inn, principal consultant of Kalei Inn, Ph.D. and Associates,the key to a peaceful work environment is trust.

5 steps to Boost Web Traffic

Mary Fastenau, president of StarrTech Interactive, explains how to drive more eyeballs to your Web site for little or no cost.

5 Steps to Motivating Employees

Nicholas Mitsakos, chairman of Arcadia Holdings Inc., explains how to keep workers excited for the workweek.

5 Steps to Prevent Credit-Card Processing Rip-offs

Matt Sakauye, senior consultant at credit-card processing firm Gravity Payments, tells you what you need to know if your business plans to accept credit cards.

5 Steps to Stopping Fraud

Protect yourself from fraud with these tips from Bank of Hawaii's Brian Ishikawa.

5 Steps to Getting a Building Permit

Nancy Kaya, owner of Kaya Permit Processors and an 18-year veteran of the business, offers these tips to homeowners and business owners on how to make the process of obtaining a business permit...

5 Steps to Boosting Your Cash Flow

Every business owner should map out a cash-flow strategy and be diligent about following it, especially in these troubled economic times. Here are some easy tactics involving minimal investment to...

5 Steps to Exporting Internationally

Establishing your product in a foreign market takes more than just international postage. Export management firm Tradewinds Global’s president Kevin Kraft offers these steps to exporting.

5 steps to Cutting Costs in a Soft Economy

Local economists and business industry leaders are advising companies across the state to tighten their financial belts for an economic downturn that could last through 2009.

5 Steps for Handling Layoffs

For small-business owners, weathering a recession sometimes means having to layoff employees. While staff reductions are never easy, there are a few things business owners can do to maintain...

5 Steps to Building an Effective Team

How many times have you heard the cliche “There is no ‘I’ in team?” Well, state Sen. Sam Slom doesn’t believe it.

5 Steps to Cost-Effective Marketing

Chief Manini Jim Levine, or Manini Marketing, offers five cost-effective steps to better marketing.

5 Steps for Handling Angry Customers

Customer service can be one of the most rewarding aspects of running a business — except when you’re de­lt an irate patron or client.

5 Steps for Creating Brand Equity

People don’t blow their noses on facial tissues, they use Kleenex. No one uses an Internet search engine, they Google it

5 Steps to an Effective Meeting

How to make your meetings more engaging and more efficient

5 Steps for Handling Independent Contractors

While it might lower labor costs, calling someone an independent contractor when they’re really an employee can lead to legal hot water.

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