Editor's Note on News Media

A contradiction of our age is that we have more access to information about politics and government than ever before, yet a smaller and smaller percentage of Hawai‘i’s people find it worthwhile to vote. How to reverse that decline in…

We Like to Recognize Generosity

Companies often send me news releases about donations they make to hospitals, distressed communities or any of a thousand worthy causes. I wish I could report on all these admirable efforts, because they deserve recognition.

ALL the Top Local News

Hawaii Business wants you to have a quick read of the top local news stories every weekday morning. That’s why we are launching Hawaii’s most useful newsletter on Tuesday, March 28 called "Today's Hawaiʻi News".

Editor's Note: Stop Whining

One of the biggest complaints about the media is we focus on bad news, so here’s good news: Hawaii is No. 1 on a national ranking vital to all of us. For the second year in a row, the Islands…