Industry Outlook 2023

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Hawaii Business asked companies to provide our readers with an assessment of their industry in the coming year. The information provides a glimpse into the opportunities and challenges facing each one. 



02 23 Heroes 1800x1200 Ss Industry Outlook G70

There are always a multitude of interesting design projects on the boards or in construction at G70.



02 23 Industry Outlook Construction Swinerton

In the coming year, Swinerton will work on bringing a distribution center to Hawaiʻi, delivering multiple retail big-box storefronts, as well as various hospitality renovation projects throughout the islands.


Lawson & Associates

02 23 Industry Outlook Construction Safety Lawson

Lawson & Associates is growing and diversifying, with a team of over 25 people, a dedicated OSH training institute, and more products and services than ever before.


Hub Coworking Hawaiʻi

02 23 Industry Outlook Hub Coworking

The company’s goal is to have coworking spaces on O‘ahu, Maui, Kaua‘i and the Island of Hawai‘i, that will allow members to not only have choices of workspace where they live, but also across Hawai‘i.


Hawaii Dental Service

02 23 Industry Outlook Dental Hds

HDS continues its outreach to more families in 2023, paying special attention to improving access to quality oral health for everyone, especially those in underserved communities.


Hawaiʻi Pacific Health

02 23 Industry Outlook Healthcare Hph

The pandemic accelerated a shift toward virtual care, and with that came a growing demand for virtual access to medical teams.


Hawaiian Telcom

02 23 Industry Outlook Information Technology Hawaiian Telcom

This year, Hawaiian Telcom is continuing to expand its fiber infrastructure to provide reliable, high-speed internet connectivity to serve more homes and businesses, particularly in underserved areas.


Hawaii Foodservice Alliance LLC

02 23 Industry Outlook Wholesale Hawaii Foodservice Alliance

The largest challenge for HFA and the wholesale industry in 2023 is the rising costs of fuel, labor, and equipment for all forms of transportation.


Prince Resorts Hawaii

02 23 Industry Outlook Tourism Prince Resorts Hawaii

Prince Resorts Hawaii continues to invest in our community’s youth, offering expanded mentorship opportunities and alternative pathways for gaining hands-on experience and a true understanding of the hospitality industry.

Mahalo to this year's Industry Outlook partners for providing our readers with useful information in their respective business sectors. 

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