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December, 2014

CEO of the Year’s Reading List

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Art Ushijima comments on his latest favorite books:
“Good to Great” by Jim Collins. “Very systematic, thoughtful study of leadership and management in successful companies.”
“The Advantage” by Patrick Lencioni. “Details how important organizational health is to the success of an enterprise.”
“Managing Transitions” by William Bridges. “How businesses go from one phase to another and manage through change.”
“Organizational Culture and Leadership” by Edgar Schein. “It’s relevant to what we are doing at Queen’s – growing, managing, dealing with organizational culture and change.”

Tax Hell? Sounds More Like Purgatory

A study by the national Tax Foundation ranks Hawaii’s business tax climate as 30th among the states, unchanged from last year.
Here’s where Hawaii ranked on each of the five major taxes in the report:
9th best in corporate tax
37th in individual income tax
15th in sales tax
28th in unemployment insurance tax
12th in property tax

Healthy Options

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Kaiser’s Moanalua Medical Center has a “Room Service” menu that offers patients 12 different fruit options at breakfast, including fresh papaya, pineapple and orange slices.

Liquid Edge

Maui’s Ocean Vodka is the only vodka in the world made with deep ocean mineral water.

“86% of the farms in Hawaii are under two acres.”

–Dean Okimoto, former president of the Hawaii Farm Bureau

 We’re #1

That’s the 2014 ranking for Hawaii by the National Low Income Housing Coalition in a state-by-state breakdown of the hours a minimum wage earner needs to work, before taxes, to afford a month’s rent for a two-bedroom apartment. Hawaii is the highest: 174 hours, about four-and-a-half 40-hour workweeks. Next highest is Maryland at 138.


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