April, 2015
Senior Management (L-R): Blaine Kimura, Gordon Bruce, and Kelly Ueoka

Senior Management (L-R): Blaine Kimura, Gordon Bruce, and Kelly Ueoka

Just years old, Pacxa has already made a lasting impression on Hawaii. It’s won Best Places to Work twice, made Hawaii Business magazine’s Top 250 list in 2014, built its team to just over 100, and cleared $30 million in revenue last year.

The company is a full service IT consultancy and provider with services ranging from cloud hosting and managed networks to Microsoft and Oracle expertise. It grew by 200 percent in its first 18 months in business and continues to grow by staying focused on the advanced solutions it provides to government organizations and the private sector. Its services range from a state of the art help desk capabilities to extremely complex network solutions for some of the largest organizations throughout Hawaii.

“We do tremendous work, but we still keep our work culture very flexible,” says Kelly Ueoka, President. “We came from a startup background, and we were founded by a close-knit group of friends Even though we’ve grown substantially, our core values remain the same. We’re a professional, friendly, ohana-based group, and we’ve maintained that same feel throughout our various stages of growth.

The company works hard to transcend stereotypes; Pacxa engineers tend to be both brilliant with technology as well as people. “Our talent is truly the best in breed,” Ueoka says. “We’re not your typical tech services firm in many ways, and we search for those who are hard working, flexible, good communicators, carry great attitudes, and have a passion for technology. Those are the types of people that will thrive here.”

PACXA regularly hires for network support technicians, project managers, systems engineers, enterprise Microsoft consultants, and Oracle database administrators. Find out more about PACXA and employment opportunities at its website:











1000 Bishop Street, Suite #701
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 585-0444

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