Hawaii Business Magazine - May 2021

An Inspired Plan

Final part of a series of stories about resilience during the pandemic

A Green Formula for Rejuvenation

Kupu used stimulus money to protect the ‘āina and provide new opportunities for hundreds of people. Part 9 of a series of stories about resilience during the pandemic.

Survival with Support from Others

Kalyn Kim's business was on the brink of shutting down completely back in March 2020. The turnaround for Kim came after a church group of small business owners banded together to share tips and successes, and found ways to support each other through the tough times.

Reinventing a Local Tradition: Businesses Helping Each Other

The pandemic has crippled thousands of small businesses in Hawai‘i and forced tens of thousands of people to find new jobs. Amid these personal tragedies are stories of grit, perseverance and transformation. Part one of a series of stories about resilience during the pandemic.

Taking Care of Business

Hear about the important issues our leaders are dealing with and the key insights and perspectives they have to help guide us as we move forward into an unknown future.

My Job: Your Junk is My Mission

Aloha Junk Man removes clutter that people no longer want, from their property or business, and also responds to calls from insurance and remediation companies and real estate agents trying to sell houses that are unpresentable.

Hawaiʻi Island Business Report 2021

The road to economic recovery is challenging, but businesses are optimistic as they take steps to reopen safely, and progress is made toward sustainable goals.

Best Practices for Community Engagement

Here's advice from experts in conflict resolution and planning. It's mainly geared toward project leaders and developers, but community members may find it useful.

How to Resolve Community Conflicts

Community opposition to proposed projects is nothing new, but it seems to be more common nowadays. And more effective. To get moving on such projects, and others, Hawai‘i must work with communities that are demanding a voice in their future.

The Best of Small Business 2021

Profiles of 16 local companies that have survived and thrived, including companies that made the 2021 Hawaiʻi Small Business Hall of Fame.