Here Are 5 Ways That Small Businesses Get Sued. Would Your Insurance Plan Protect You?

Without the right coverage, crashes, hacks and honest mistakes can leave you vulnerable.
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Kevin Kurosu
VP of Commercial Underwriting, First Insurance Co. of Hawaii

Small business owners might be more exposed than they realize. From cyberattacks to slander, the risks are numerous – and without the right insurance, costly claims can drive an entrepreneur out of business.

Homeowners insurance may not cover business-related liabilities, even for those working from home. To protect business investments, the right coverage is essential. Following are five key business insurance protections to consider.



If a defective product results in property damage or bodily injury, a business owner could be sued. Any product, from a simple necklace to expensive machinery, has the potential to trigger a product liability lawsuit.


Advertising could expose businesses to a variety of liabilities. For example, a lawsuit could be filed over copyright violations if a company accidentally uses any text, images, songs or other materials they don’t have the rights to. Or, if something negative is said about the competition, a business could be served with a libel or slander suit.


If a personal vehicle is used for commercial purposes, a company may need commercial auto insurance coverage. Otherwise, if a crash happens, a business might find they don’t have the correct coverage or adequate limits.


If confidential personal information is stored on company computers, a business is at risk of a data breach. There may be cyber exposure even if personal information is not on a company computer. For example, incidents of ransomware and business email compromises have sky-rocketed since the pandemic. Cyber insurance can help companies recover if their systems are breached.

Small businesses should consider rounding out their cyber protection with these security steps:

  • Two-factor authentication adds a layer of protection on password-protected accounts. Passwords alone aren’t strong enough.
  • Next generation antivirus software uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and more to better protect companies against all types of attacks.
  • Staff training (especially related to phishing) reduces human error – the No. 1 cause of data breaches.
  • Email spam filters can prevent dangerous emails from landing in an inbox.


If a business provides professional services, it could be hit with an errors and omissions lawsuit for alleged mistakes or negligence. Errors and omissions insurance provides important coverage for a wide range of professionals, from software developers to financial advisors. This coverage also is called professional liability insurance.



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