Best Places to Work 2016

Now in its 12th year, Hawaii Business magazine ranks the state’s top employers. Read on and learn what makes these companies one of the best places to work in the state.


What It Takes to Keep Employees Engaged

Every company and nonprofit wants employees who are willing to go the extra mile, but only a few earn such loyalty. If you want your organization to be in that select group, read on to learn about the formula. It’s not rocket science, but it does take time, effort, leadership and (here’s the secret sauce) integrity. And there’s a surprise: Pay rarely makes the list of the Top 10 factors.

Each year, Hawaii Business magazine partners with the research firm Best Companies Group to administer the Best Places to Work survey. The main part of the survey is a confidential questionnaire sent to all employees or a statistically representative sample at large companies. There are 78 questions and open-ended statements, and the employee responses make up 75 percent of a company’s score. The rest of the score is based on 80 questions answered by the HR department about benefits, working conditions and more.

This year, some 100 companies and nonprofits in Hawaii nominated themselves; only 70 made the cut as Best Places to Work.

Those 70 have employees who are “engaged.” Peter Burke, president at Best Companies, which is based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, says engaged employees score high on these four factors:

• Plan to stay with the organization at least two more years, which reduces turnover and ensures stability.
• Willing to recommend the company to a friend as a workplace, which replenishes the talent pool.
• Willing to recommend the company’s products and services to a friend, which can attract new customers.
• Willing to give an extra effort to help the organization succeed, which can yield a culture of excellence.

Hawaii’s Best Places to Work have those kind of engaged employees. The organizations did not all use the same strategies, but the following 10 factors were the most common responses among the employees at the Best Places to Work:

1. I feel I am valued in this organization.
2. I have confidence in the leadership of this organization.
3. I like the type of work that I do.
4. Most days, I feel I have made progress at work.
5. Overall, I’m satisfied with this organization’s benefits package.
6. This organization treats me like a person, not a number.
7. There is room for me to advance at this organization.
8. My supervisor treats me fairly.
9. Quality is a top priority with this organization.
10. The leaders of this organization care about their employees’ well being.

Employee engagement boils down to how emotionally connected workers are to their company, Burke says. Company leaders play a huge role in creating those ties; look at those 10 factors and notice how many depend on leadership integrity and communication.

Pay is not mentioned in the top 10, but benefits are. All Hawaii companies are required to provide health insurance for full-time employees. But, 56 percent of the companies on this year’s list pay 100 percent of the premiums. The next two pages show how BPTW company’s benefits and initiatives stack up.

The top 10 factors vary only slightly from year to year; for instance, the top six factors from this year’s list were also on last year’s top 10.

More insight into how to create a Best Place to Work can be found in each of the profiles that describe the winning companies and nonprofits. Those profiles show there are many different paths to an engaged workforce.


None of the companies on the Best Places to Work started that way.

They all built a workplace full of engaged employees over time, and used the BPTW survey as a tool to understand their strengths and weaknesses. The confidential survey of your employees reveals the good and the bad, and there is no question that the BPTW is the most useful annual survey in Hawaii.

Take the first step in creating a productive workplace culture. Sign up today for the 2017 survey at By the way, there’s no risk, because if your company doesn’t make the list, no one else will know.




Company Name COMPANY PROFILE % of employee’s medical premium paid by employer Allows additional paid time off for volunteer work Allows tele-commuting Allows job sharing Allows flex hours/ compressed work week Helps pay for gym or wellness program Average number of annual training & development hours Helps pay for advanced or post-graduate degree
Ala Moana Dental Care   100%  N  N Y Y N  40
American Carpet One    75-99%  N  N  N  N  N  120  –
American Savings Bank    75-99%  N  N  N  N  Y  30 Y
Aqua Engineers Inc.    75-99%  Y  Y  N  N  N  80  Y
Architects Hawaii Ltd   75-99%  N  N  N  Y  N  40  –
Atlas Insurance Agency   100%  Y  N  N  Y  Y  37  –
Bank of Hawaii    75-99%  N  N  N  N  Y  19 Y
Bowers + Kubota Construction   100%  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  30  Y
Brett Hill Construction   100%  Y  Y  Y  Y  N  5  –
Central Pacific Bank     75-99%  N  N  N  N  Y  120  Y
City Mill Company Ltd    75-99%  N  N  N  Y  N  50  –
Coffman Engineers Inc.    100%  Y  N  N  Y  N  20  Y
CW Associates CPAs    100%  Y  Y  N  Y  N  50  –
Edward Jones    75-99%  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  55  Y
EnviroServices & Training Center LLC   100%  N  N  N  Y  Y  8  Y
Fair Wind Cruises   75-99%  N  N  N  Y  N  8  –
Finance Factors Family of Companies    100%  Y  N  N  N  Y  4  Y
First Hawaiian Bank    75-99%  N  N  Y  N  Y  31  Y
Gourmet Events Hawaii   100%  N  Y  N  Y  Y  24  –
Group 70 International    75-99%  N  Y  N  Y  N  8  –
Grove Farm Company    50-74%  Y  Y  N  Y  N  8  –
Hawaii Dental Service   100%  N  Y  N  N  Y  8  –
Hawaii Diagnostic Radiology Services    100%  Y  N  Y  Y  Y  32  –
Hawaii Dialogix Telecom   100%  N  Y  N  Y  Y  –  –
Hawaii Foodbank   100%  N  N  N  Y  N  30  –
Hawaii Forest & Trail Ltd   75-99%  N  N  N  Y  N  16  –
Hawaii Information Consortium    100%  N  –  Y  N  Y  –  Y
Hawaii Information Service    100%  N  N  Y  Y  N  –  –
Hawaii Mortgage Experts   100%  Y  Y  Y  Y  N  10  –
Hawaii National Bank   75-99%  N  N  N  N  Y  12  Y
Hawaii News Now    75-99%  N  N  N  Y  N  –  –
Hawaii State FCU    100%  N  N  N  N  Y  20  –
HawaiiUSA FCU    100%  Y  N  N  N  Y  60  Y
Honolulu HomeLoans    100%  N  Y  Y  Y  N  6  Y
Hospice Maui    100%  N  N  N  Y  N  12  –
Imua Family Services    100%  Y  Y  N  Y  N  40  Y
Integrated Security Technologies Inc.    100%  Y  Y  N  Y  Y  92  Y
Island Insurance    100%  Y  N  N  N  Y  47  –
Island Palm Communities    75-99%  Y  N  N  Y  N  35  Y
Kiewit Corporation   50-74%  N  N  N  N  Y  96  Y
Legacy of Life Hawaii    100%  N  N  N  Y  N  15  Y
Life Foundation   100%  N  Y  Y  Y  N  10  –
Maui Family Support Services    75-99%  N  Y  N  Y  N  32  Y
Na Hoku Inc.   75-99%  N  N  N  N  Y  40  –
Nagamine Okawa Engineers   100%  N  N  N  Y  N  –  –
Navy FCU    75-99%  N  N  N  Y  Y  60  Y
Nordic PCL Construction    75-99%  Y  N  N  Y  Y  59  Y
Okahara and Assoc.    100%  Y  N  N  Y  N  12  –
Pacific Administrators   100%  N  N  N  N  N  30  –
Pacific Biodiesel Tech.    100%  N  Y  N  Y  N  40  –
Pacxa   100%  Y  Y  N  N  Y  40  –
Panda Restaurant Group   75-99%  N  N  N  N  N  –  –
Pearl Hawaii FCU   100%  Y  N  N  N  N  –  Y
ProService Hawaii   100%  Y  Y  N  Y  N  15  –
Ronald N.S. Ho & Assoc.   75-99%  N  N  N  N  N  8  –
Servco Pacific Inc.    75-99%  Y  Y  N  N  N  20  –
Servpac Inc.   75-99%  N  Y  N  N  N  104  –
Simply Organized LLC    75-99%  N  N  N  Y  N  52
Sleep Center Hawaii    100%  Y  N  Y  Y  N  20  –
Spire Hawaii LLP    100%  Y  N  N  Y  N  40  –
Swinerton Builders    75-99%  Y  Y  N  Y  N  100  Y
The Hawaii Group    100%  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  60  Y
The Howard Hughes Corp.    75-99%  N  Y  N  Y  Y  20  –
The Wedding Ring Shop    100%  N  N  N  N  N  15  –
T-Mobile Hawaii   75-99%  N  N  N  Y  N  150  –
Turtle Bay Resort    100%  Y  N  N  Y  Y  48  –
Waikiki Parc Hotel   75-99%  Y  N  N  N  Y  12  –
Wealth Strategy Partners   50-74%  Y  –  Y  Y  N  260  –
ZR Systems Group LLC    100%  N  N  N  N  N  40  –



(250+ Employees)


NO. 1

Servco Pacific Inc.

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 1,080 HI/1,714 worldwide

Employees love their annual Servco Family Fun Day at the 50th State Fair: Scrip and rides are provided for up to four guests. Employee holiday gifts are valued at $300, and Servco provides tuition reimbursement and college scholarships for the children of employees, employee product discounts and profit sharing. Stay in shape at the wellness center with exercise classes, basketball and gym equipment.

NO. 2

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 253

The Always Right by You Connect program brings HSFCU employees together to celebrate special occasions and milestones. Employees are rewarded with monthly production incentives, as well as staff lunches and team-building activities. It’s easy to stay healthy with an employer workplace wellness program, gym and flu shots. HSFCU employees get their “relax-time” with 14 paid holidays and 13 vacation days.

NO. 3

First Hawaiian Bank

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 2,083 HI/2,212 worldwide

You’ll find you’re valued at FHB throughout your career: current employees and retirees receive a holiday gift selected by the CEO, and outstanding employees receive a “Yes Award” cash bonus. A free recreational lanai is available for family celebrations, and golf tournaments are subsidized for current employees and retirees. ShareCare provides an employer match for childcare or eldercare on a pre-tax basis.



(Alphabetical Order)


American Savings Bank

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 1,161

Fortune Magazine named ASB one of the Best Workplaces for Women and one of the Best Workplaces for Asian Americans the company was No. 3 on Fortune’s list of 50 Best Workplaces for Diversity. Teammates are honored with an Annual Mahalo Party, and enjoy birthday holidays, keiki leave, pet insurance and daily casual business dress. Oh, did you know every Friday
is payday?

Bank of Hawaii

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 2,118 HI/ 2,222 worldwide

Employees at the state’s largest and oldest independent financial institution enjoy Bankoh Family Days with such activities as picnics and frolicking at water parks. The Genius Bowl gives employees a chance to compete in online weekly product quizzes, culminating in a Final Four playoff for cash and a trophy. During the holidays, employees go caroling and donate to the Institute for Human Services.

Central Pacific Bank

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 846

CPB employees maintain their “cool” with ice cream fire drills, and find it’s easy to stay in shape with healthy cooking demonstrations, potlucks and the “Thrive and Walk With Ease” walking/hiking group. Employees enjoy family fun at the 50th State Fair, movies in the park, UH football tailgating and bowling. On average, workers receive 8 percent of their salaries in performance incentives.

City Mill Company Ltd.

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 410

Safety and wellness are celebrated at the 117-year-old, family-owned hardware chain. Team members score $100 and lunches for maintaining a safe workplace. The Flex Wellness program emphasizes healthy eating and fitness with a pedometer challenge and prizes, and fresh fruit is distributed quarterly. Outstanding employees are recognized with awards, pins and appreciation events.

HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 316

Isn’t it great to come to work and get free massages? HawaiiUSA employees also work out at an on-site exercise room, receive a $30 monthly wellness benefit for gym memberships, medical premiums or supplemental insurance, and participate in a L.I.V.E. wellness program. Tuition assistance is available for education, and employees can explore flex work schedules before retirement.

Island Palm Communities LLC

Headquarters: Schofield Barracks
Employees: 334

Island Palm is the military’s largest family housing privatization partnership. Employees benefit from flex hours to accommodate school or family needs, sponsored Ohana Beach Days, quarterly safety breakfasts, monetary service awards and bonuses, and a 401K match with immediate, 100-percent vesting. The employee assistance program provides counseling for personal, financial or addiction issues.

Kiewit Corp.

Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska
Employees: 264 HI/26,852 worldwide

Kiewit educates the community about careers in construction and engineering with its Building Construction Futures program, and encourages volunteerism and philanthropy by partnering with the nonprofit AccessSurf and events such as Duke’s OceanFest. District leaders reward employees with gift cards, bonuses and extra days off. Management even serves at employee appreciation barbecues!

Na Hoku Inc.

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 314 HI/530 worldwide

Na Hoku is Hawaii’s oldest and largest jewelry manufacturer. Employees relish their flex work schedules and work loads, including telecommuting and fewer days in the office. But coming into the office is fun, too – with Zumba classes, the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge, and ice cream, fruit, popcorn and social events. Its sales team receives monthly bonuses in cash and prizes.

Panda Restaurant Group Inc.

Headquarters: Rosemead, California
Employees: 553 HI

Employees enjoy discount and bonus programs, service awards, the Panda Associate Assistance Fund, and free or discounted tickets to family entertainment or sporting events. It’s a piece of cake to stay in shape with a gym at the corporate office, as well as a discount partnership with 24 Hour Fitness. Breastfeeding? You’ve got your own lactation facility.

Turtle Bay Resort

Headquarters: Kahuku
Employees: 611

Turtle Bay employees and their families bond throughout the year with fun sunset-on-the-beach movie nights, golf and volleyball tournaments, monthly birthday celebrations, summer picnics and end-of-the-year parties. Employees are rewarded with cash, certificates, a lunch with the GM and Neighbor Island trips. Workplace wellness is encouraged with healthy meals.



(50 to 249 Employees)


NO. 1

Swinerton Builders

Headquarters: San Francisco
Employees: 86 HI/1,334 worldwide

Quarterly employee-owner meetings gather the team for heavy pupus and drinks. The fun doesn’t stop there: Swinerton has its own barbecue trailer to use for employee get-togethers. On the serious side, an employee rotation program lets staff have a six-month stint in various departments to learn different skills and find their passions.

NO. 2

Bowers + Kubota Consulting

Headquarters: Waipahu
Employees: 142

Diversity is embraced at the architectural and engineering consulting firm, with 87 percent of the team either minority and/or women. There is an active affirmative action program, and the company employs many veterans, service-disabled veterans and individuals with disabilities. The company also picks up the tab for 100 percent of the healthcare premiums for employees and their families.

NO. 3

Edward Jones

Headquarters: St. Louis
Employees: 116 HI

Financial advisors enjoy flexibility, setting their own schedules and choosing their branch locations. They work from anywhere using smartphones, laptops and firm-provided remote access. Some financial advisors take Friday afternoons off, while others work a short schedule in the summer when their children are out of school. As incentives for doing well, advisors can earn all-expenses-paid trips to global destinations.


(Alphabetical Order)


American Carpet One

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 116

At this employee-owned company, bonuses are granted for working safely throughout the year, and scholarship programs encourage employees and their immediate families to pursue educational opportunities. The company encourages the addition of fuzzy family members, too: During Adopt-a-Pet Day, the company pays the adoption fees for shelter animals.

Aqua Engineers

Headquarters: Kalaheo, Kauai
Employees: 87

This 100-percent employee-owned company shares its profits with its employee-owners in a 50/50 split, and employee stock ownership celebrations are held each May. On the charitable side, the company supports an event called Freedom Fest, which is a nice nod to the 10 percent of its employees who are veterans.

Architects Hawaii Ltd.

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 85

There’s a firm-wide coffee break with doughnuts on Fridays, but Architects Hawaii balances that with healthy smoothies offered at some meetings, and a shower-and-changing area so employees can work out before work, during lunch or pau hana. There are yearly bonuses, and employees who stay for 10 years are also rewarded with bonuses.

Atlas Insurance Agency Inc.

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 102

A monthly farmers’ market and food demos with local chefs encourage healthy lifestyles. But humor is important, too: The company president dresses up for holiday events as the Easter Bunny, a pirate, Uncle Sam and other characters to help employees relate to him personally.

Finance Factors Family of Companies

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 174

The main office is chilling out using a seawater cooling system; other branches use onsite yoga classes to stay chill. An annual Benefelooza event with massages, games and a nutritionist/chef promotes some of the benefits available to employees, including generous health-insurance-premium coverage. Talk Story breakfast and lunch sessions keep executives and employees connected.

Group 70 International Inc.

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 109

A transportation stipend keeps everyone moving, while an educational stipend gives employees money to advance their careers by investing in conferences, seminars and classes. The design firm also pays for LEED AP certification. Architects can play with their food by participating in the yearly Canstruction event at Pearlridge Mall, when sculptures built out of cans are donated to the Hawaii Foodbank.

Hawaii Dental Service

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 96

Employees are encouraged to head downstairs to Clark Hatch Fitness, where preferred membership pricing is available. In the office, they enjoy quarterly visits from a lomi lomi massage therapist and an Imi Ola wellness room with a mechanical massage chair and Xbox with Kinect games encouraging dance offs.

Hawaii Diagnostic Radiology Services

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 87

Because many of their patients do not speak English, Hawaii Diagnostic Radiology Services reimburses employees for learning a second language, and recruits multilingual staff. The company is flexible about giving its diverse workforce time off to observe their own cultures’ holidays and events. Retirement planning is also valued and a financial advisor, paid by the company, is available for employees.

Hawaii Forest & Trail Ltd.

Headquarters: Kailua-Kona
Employees: 53

The Island is the office, making this an ideal workplace for nature lovers. Frequent beach barbecues and staff gatherings add to the outdoor fun. Guest-services and sales staff earn a bonus of up to 5 percent of sales.

Hawaii National Bank

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 190

There’s lots to celebrate – National Doughnut Day, National Root Beer Float Day – but it’s balanced with onsite activities such as tai chi. Employees who find their ID number hidden in the wellness newsletter win a prize. An even bigger prize: Individuals who are identified with leadership potential are given the opportunity to participate in the executive MBA program at UH, approximately a $45,000 value.

Hawaii News Now

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 157

Hawaii News Now offers sales training and new-technology training. Community-service events contribute to the work culture, which is family friendly. An employee-referral incentives program helps bring in new talent.

Honolulu HomeLoans

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 68

Employees enjoy flexible work hours and the ability to work remotely, and Honolulu HomeLoans takes “family-friendly work environment” literally: Employees can bring their children to the office. Complimentary pastries once a week and monthly awards for top-producing loan officers help keep everyone motivated, while the company sponsors monthly staff luncheons.

Hospice Maui

Headquarters: Wailuku
Employees: 51

Hospice Maui provides annual paid staff retreats and professional development opportunities to keep its team strong. All health plans include acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy. Work hours are flexible, and 14 holidays are observed, with generous vacation/sick time/personal time, too.

Island Insurance

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 185

Employees enjoy substantial discounts on personal auto, homeowners and dwelling fire insurance, as well as healthful, subsidized lunches. Half-staff days give employees free days off at regular pay, with the intent that they be used for relaxation and family time. An annual incentive bonus and annual merit adjustment program are available for all levels of employees.

Maui Family Support Services Inc.

Headquarters: Wailuku
Employees: 70

Flexible schedules allow employees to take care of personal or family needs. Lunch breaks are paid, as is a day off for birthdays. The company has a Hawaiian cultural specialist, and cultural competency is integrated at staff meetings and the staff retreat. To increase diversity, the company recruits in a variety of settings, including at community events and UH-Maui College, and through Craigslist and the Maui News.

Navy Federal Credit Union

Headquarters: Vienna, Virginia
Employees: 67 HI/13,072 worldwide

Employees receive discounts on their loans, ranging from personal consumer loans to home mortgages. Diversity training, including a “Generations at Work” course, guides employees to better understand and appreciate generational differences. As a disability-friendly employer, Navy Federal has also created an inclusive work environment. For health and fitness activities, employees can be reimbursed for up to $300.

Nordic PCL Construction Inc.

Headquarters: Denver
Employees: 186/4,565 worldwide

Employees are offered the opportunity to become owners of the company through the purchase of company shares and participation in the company’s profits through dividend payments. Diversity is a goal, with current minority and female employees asked to recruit other minorities and females. The company sponsors and supports numerous minority and women’s organizations through financial donations and mentoring. Annual performance and safety bonuses are awarded.

Pacific Biodiesel Technologies

Headquarters: Kahului
Employees: 62

Employees working to reduce Hawaii’s dependence on imported petroleum get a fuel discount, as well as 100-percent paid coverage on their heath-care premiums. Showers are available for employees who enjoy paddling, tennis or other workouts before or during the workday.


Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 93

A choice of three medical plans and a dental plan are offered to employees working 20 or more hours per week, and Pacxa offers cash credit to employees who waive company coverage. The technology-services provider also offers pet insurance. Substantial discounts on personal auto, homeowners and dwelling fire insurance are given to employees. Special incentives encourage older employees to keep working.

Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union

Headquarters: Waipahu
Employees: 69

All you Downtown workers can read it and weep: Pearl employees get free paid parking. And the social-events committee gets a very generous $15,000 per year to fund staff events such as bowling, movies and parties. At the quarterly meetings, employees engage in team building and receive treats and wellness kits.

ProService Hawaii

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 168

Sure, there’s a bring-your-dog-to-work day, but how about bringing your brainy friend or former colleague to work with you instead? You’re eligible for a $1,000 to $3,000 bonus for each qualified hire you refer who is retained beyond six months. Oh, and breakfast is free on Fridays.

The Hawaii Group

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 132

The professional services firm wants to be environmentally friendly: It pays for employees’ bus passes, offers a $50 cash stipend for bikers and sponsors a car pool with a quarterly cash drawing. The office’s wrap-around lanai is a tenth of a mile track used for walking meetings and other walking initiatives. And there are paid sabbaticals for personal development.

The Howard Hughes Corp.

Headquarters: Dallas
Employees: 58 HI

How about a Friday ride aboard the Makani catamaran? That’s just one of the perks for employees, who can also use company surf and paddleboards or bikes. A UFit program employs FitBits to encourage healthy lifestyles (and friendly competition among co-workers), while a UMatter award and recognition program lets employees vie for gift cards and TVs.

T-Mobile Hawaii

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 127 HI

A generous discount plan and/or free devices keeps the texts, calls and data flowing, while pizza parties every other month help the team bond. A three-month manager training program is available for interested employees who have the right potential. The top-performing store each month gets a day off, with leaders from other branches coming in to run the location.

Waikiki Parc Hotel

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 111

Employees get comfy with Gaiam ball chairs, and ergonomic chairs, keyboards and mouse pads, if they request them. There are also free passes for arts and culture events such as the Honolulu Museum of Art, Hawaii Symphony Orchestra and Hawaii International Film Festival. Profit sharing is available for all employees working 1,000 or more hours in the fiscal year.

Wealth Strategy Partners

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 54

Employees can qualify for Leaders and President Clubs if production requirements are met. These clubs meet annually with an all-expenses-paid trip to exclusive destinations around the world. A Career Kickoff School offers training on the Mainland ensures agents learn the skills they need. To further develop knowledge, WSP University is held every year, presenting well-known industry speakers.



(15 to 49 Employees)


NO. 1

Hawaii Mortgage Experts

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 31

Flexible work schedules that promote healthy work-life balance aren’t the only perk of working here. Employees also enjoy free movie tickets and an annual holiday party raffle with prizes like a Turtle Bay staycation, Apple TVs and iPads. Hawaii Mortgage Experts also offers charity and 401K match programs.

NO. 2

Spire Hawaii LLP

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 26

The public accounting firm provides complimentary coffee, juice and snacks to employees, who can wear casual attire to the office and enjoy unlimited vacation days. The company is big on social events and team-building exercises. Spire is a family-friendly workplace, with lactation stations and bring-your-child-to-work days.

NO. 3

Coffman Engineers Inc.

Headquarters: Seattle
Employees: 27 HI/346 worldwide

Wellness is emphasized with free daily breakfasts and Biggest Winner weight-loss challenges. The engineering firm also offers an employee assistance program, which provides counseling for marital, parental or financial problems, and for specific conditions such as substance abuse and gambling.


(Alphabetical Order)


Ala Moana Dental Care

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 42

Employees work three- or four-day weeks, yet receive full health benefits at no cost. Ala Moana Dental Care offers performance-based cash prizes to employees and sponsors R&R competitions for fun prizes like dinners and a trip to Maui. One of its top community initiatives is offering free dental work through Donated Dental Services.

Brett Hill Construction Inc.

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 24

The company offers space to store surfboards, bikes and other exercise equipment – in addition to providing shower facilities – to encourage employees to work out before or during work. Employees are also encouraged to go to the beach and take their lunch outside the office or watch a movie in the lunchroom. Bonuses, based on new client recruitment, and profit sharing are also available.

CW Associates, CPAs

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 43

The accounting firm has fantasy football, basketball and baseball leagues to promote camaraderie, and a smidge of friendly competition. Each year, employees and their guests are sponsored to participate in the Great Aloha Run. The office is stocked with drinks and food for employees year-around.

EnviroServices & Training Center LLC

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 38

The company values community service by participating in the Hawaii Foodbank food drive, disaster relief efforts and other community-service projects. Employees are shown appreciation with Shiatsu massages, Thanksgiving gift cards, ice cream and cupcake parties, and after-hour socials. The environmental consulting and engineering services firm also boasts treadmill walk stations and monthly salad lunches.

Fair Wind Cruises

Headquarters: Kailua-Kona
Employees: 48

Employees are appreciated throughout the year with parties, gift certificates and birthday gift cards, including cards for their children who are under 18. Milestone anniversaries, such as 10, 15 and 20 years, also earn workers awards. Employees are encouraged to use their paid vacation benefits to promote a healthy work-life balance.

Gourmet Events Hawaii

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 33

At Gourmet Events Hawaii, work is a party as employees enjoy creating memories for guests. The special events firm holds a But/Try/Can’t game to monitor the words employees use and focus on positive results. The company’s mascot, a dog named Herman, enhances the workplace fun factor. Beach balls, hula hoops and noise-makers are available to play with during breaks and company potlucks.

Grove Farm Co.

Headquarters: Lihue
Employees: 20

The company finds international mission experiences for its employees for self-development, cultural experiences and community empowerment. It allows employees to perform community service during work hours and offers an employee volunteer grants program.

Hawaii Dialogix Telecom

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 30

Employees can receive assistance with adoption, including reimbursement of agency fees, travel fees and legal assistance. The Internet service provider also offers employer-sponsored Eldercare Assistance for employees with aging family members who need flexible hours.

Hawaii Foodbank

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 37

Everything is community service at Hawaii Foodbank. The nonprofit recycles cans, plastics, pallets and even its leftover produce, which goes to pig farmers. All employees are eligible for an annual cash bonus. After inventories are completed, workers enjoy barbecues or luncheons. To encourage fun, employees can participate in cubicle- and stocking-decorating contests.

Hawaii Information
Consortium LLC

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 33

The digital company, which manages the website for the state, holds Christmas and Halloween parties as well as an annual beach day. It emphasizes health, sponsoring race-entry fees and fitness memberships. It also provides standup desks and fitness balls as
alternatives to chairs. Group fitness events include running, biking and obstacle courses.

Hawaii Information Service

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 17

The real-estate data and marketing company emphasizes community with frequent potlucks and themed cook-offs, communal lunches, spontaneous movie outings, birthday celebrations, and fundraising projects. Employees enjoy performance bonuses and family-friendly scheduling. Employees also participate in “super-casual” Fridays. Numerous fundraising events are held with Hui Hoomalu, a neighboring nonprofit, and employees participate
in other initiatives like clothing and
food drives.

Honolulu Board of Realtors

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 33

When an anonymous comment or suggestion is placed in the staff suggestion box, it doesn’t get swept under the rug. The item is usually brought up at the monthly staff meetings for discussion and dialogue. The CEO and staff members acknowledge each other for going the extra mile and teamwork.

Imua Family Services

Headquarters: Wailuku
Employees: 46

The Maui-based nonprofit brings in national speakers to promote professional development among its workers. Wellness days are held twice a year at the beach where workers participate in eating healthy and free yoga. Employees enjoy flexible schedules and an annual staff retreat.

Integrated Security Technologies Inc.

Headquarters: Waipahu
Employees: 16

Employees at the security systems provider are encouraged to communicate and mistakes are accepted as part of growing and learning. There are no offices, only an open work environment for all levels of employees. Employees receive $10 gift cards each time they get a positive email from a customer. Whenever an employee gets a referral letter, the company’s president does push-ups and the employee gets a $50 gift card.

Legacy of Life Hawaii

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 31

In addition to Employee Day, where activities are based on a fun committee’s decisions, and holiday breakfasts, employees can take time off for nonprofit volunteer work. The organization offers flexible work schedules.

Life Foundation

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 26

Life Foundation celebrates its employees with holiday parties, birthday acknowledgements, office retreats and team-building activities. Top community-service initiatives include the Honolulu Gay Pride and Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival. The nonprofit provides a “Be Active & Fit” program via Kaiser Permanente and fitness facilities with a $100 yearly membership subsidy.

Nagamine Okawa Engineers Inc.

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 20

The engineering firm offers free or discounted tickets to local family entertainment or sporting events, in addition to bowling nights, staff lunches every two weeks and a staff retreat to Las Vegas or a Neighbor Island every other year.

Okahara and Associates Inc.

Headquarters: Hilo
Employees: 25

The company values its employees’ families as much as its employees. Workers enjoy flexible work hours and time off to care for children and elderly parents. Children are also allowed in the office. The company takes care of expenses, including travel and accommodation, for selected activities.

Pacific Administrators Inc.

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 45

Each month, the employee-benefits-administration company gives perfect attendance cash prizes. The office boasts a quiet room where staff can enjoy breaks on leather/rocker massage chairs. Movie days are held three times a year, when employees work a half-day and receive a half-day off to attend a movie at Ward Theatres, paid for by the company.

Ronald N.S. Ho & Associates

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 45

Employees can participate in trips to Las Vegas and other company events, such as a retreat to Aulani and wine tasting at Vino. The electrical-engineering firm supports various local schools by providing financial help or through volunteer time.

Servpac Inc.

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 19

The telecommunications company provides a variety of safety trainings, including CPR, use of fire extinguishers and first aid. Recognized employees are celebrated at weekly seminars and rewarded with gift cards. Fitbit challenges, ping pong tables, game nights and standup desks are also available to encourage fun and healthy living.

Simply Organized LLC

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 26

If a workplace is safe for 300 days, team workers receive $100 each; for every 100 days without an accident at a store, the store’s employees earn a free lunch. When employees receive positive customer feedback, they get a small gift and personalized letter from the president.

Sleep Center Hawaii

Headquarters: Pearl City
Employees: 28

Performance bonuses are awarded to both day and night staff. Senior staff can earn commissions, and bimonthly bonuses are awarded to individual employees. The neurology and sleep medicine center offers paid full coverage of vision and medical premiums.

The Wedding Ring Shop

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 22

Each year, employees are sent to vendor universities and clubs for education, award celebrations and parties. The trips include stays in five-star hotels and fine dining. Throughout the year, employees are thanked with company-provided catered lunches to recognize sales performance and hard work. Sales contests are also held in which workers can receive prizes.

ZR Systems Group LLC

Headquarters: Honolulu
Employees: 20

The technology company supports leadership roles within volunteer organizations and provides formal leadership education. Employees are regularly mentored one on one by supervisors. To encourage fun, quarterly dinners and annual bowling and holiday parties are held. A discounted membership to 24 Hour Fitness is offered.





Small Companies
(15-49 local employees)

1. Integrated Security Technologies Inc.
2. Coffman Engineers Inc.
3. Hawaii Information Consortium LLC


Medium Companies
(50 – 249 local employees)

1. Atlas Insurance Agency
2. Bowers + Kubota Consulting
3. The Hawaii Group


Large Companies
(250 local employees and up)

1. American Savings Bank
2. Turtle Bay Resort
3. HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union




Small Companies
(15-49 local employees)

1. Pacific Administrators Inc.
2. Hawaii Mortgage Experts
3. Hawaii Dialogix Telecom


Medium Companies
(50 – 249 local employees)

1. Bowers + Kubota Consulting
2. Hawaii Diagnostic Radiology
3. Navy Federal Credit Union


Large Companies
(250 local employees and up)

1. Turtle Bay Resort
2. Servco Pacific Inc
3. Bank of Hawaii




(15-49 local employees)

Legacy of Life Hawaii


(50 – 249 local employees)

Maui Family Support Services


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