5 Steps to Reducing Workplace Risk

Fewer hazards and accidents start with a culture of safety.
08 22 5 Steps To Reducing Workplace Risk
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Reducing risk should always be a priority no matter the size of a business. Chad Lindsey, risk consulting services manager at DTRIC Insurance, says workplace safety impacts productivity, quality of work and the bottom line. He shares five tips for creating a culture of safety in your workplace.


1. Analyze operations for potential hazards

Conduct a hazard analysis that reviews operations for unsafe practices and conditions that may contribute to accidents. Also evaluate past injury and accident reports to determine if there are trends or problem areas that need attention.


2. Develop a plan and act on it

Use information gathered in the analysis to create a plan that outlines management safety responsibilities, employee expectations and safety communication protocols. The plan should also include metrics for accountability to ensure these elements are being done.


3. Increase communications to create a culture of safety

The more frequently safety is communicated throughout the organization, the better your chances of reducing workplace injuries. Discuss safety and safe work practices during management and department meetings. Periodically inspect the workplace for hazards and discuss the results with management and employees. Thoroughly investigate all incidents and involve management in the process.


4. Educate and engage employees

Employees cannot be expected to work safely if they’re not trained on how to safely work. Incorporate safety messages in the onboarding process. Highlight hazards and controls in employees’ immediate work areas. Familiarize employees with the regulatory requirements for their jobs. Continue safety awareness messaging to all staff and management throughout their employment.


5. Motivate and market

Keep workplace safety top of mind. Recognize and reward employees who have contributed positively to company safety. Use posters, banners and handouts to help maintain and support the company’s culture of safety.



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