Three Things You Can Do to Protect Hawaii’s Water

Holokino Sail-4

Photo: Bryce Johnson

Hokulea apprentice navigator Austin Kino has turned his passion into a business by launching Holokino Hawaii, a sailing-canoe tour based out of the Kahala Hotel and Resort. The goal is a cultural experience, not just a joyride, says Kino, who was one of Hawaii Business’ 20 for the Next 20, class of 2016.

Holokino Sail-2

Photo: Bryce Johnson

Water quality, the subject of HB’s January 2017 cover story, is a huge concern for Kino. Here are three things he suggests you can do to help improve water quality at your local beach:

1) AT HOME: “Whatever you do in your home is going to affect the water where you live and swim. Think about the products you use, your lifestyle and how you can eliminate waste. Just treat everything like it could end up in the ocean.”

2) GET EDUCATED: “Educate yourself as much as possible on what can be done in the broader community. Water quality is always in the news and you should try to understand the issue.”

3) GO BEACH: “Be an ocean-goer! You’re not going to educate yourself about something unless you care about it.”

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