Too Many Pictures? You’ll Love Flickpad

From the first time he saw the iPad, Shacked Software founder and amateur photographer Chad Podoski knew it was the ideal way to consume photos. So, when he and his partner, Dustin Bachrach, decided to create an iPad app to manage the onslaught of photos from Facebook and Flickr, they knew it had to be both powerful and intuitive. “After all,” Podoski says, “I have about 38,000 digital images myself.”

Flickpad, only Shacked Software’s second app, is up to task, allowing users to view, sort and manipulate photos with simple gestures on the iPad. As a result, the elegant program was a featured app at the Apple Store and got a valuable positive review in Wired magazine. Since its February release, it has generated more than 6,000 sales – at $5 a pop – and Podoski and Bachrach have already cranked out an improved Flickpad 2.0.

According to Podoski, Flickpad’s publicity has attracted the attention of Hawaii companies that want their own apps. The trick for Shacked Software’s partners, he says, is balancing their own projects with the gathering demand for consulting work. Maybe there’s an app for that.

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