July, 2017

With King Tides, Experts Predict Rising Sea Levels to Continue

King tides may come and go, but several experts say that rising sea levels in Hawaii are here to stay. And, according to Sam Lemmo of the state Department of Land and Natural Resources, these king tides offer a glimpse into Hawaii’s future. “We’re an island state,” Lemmo says. “The bottom line is that sea Read the full article…

July, 2017

Ask the Expert: Health Insurance for Employees

Q: I’m thinking about cutting my employees’ health benefits to save money. What potential downsides should I consider? A: There’s no doubt healthcare costs are a concern for employers and employees alike. However, investing in the health of your workers has a greater impact on your business than you may realize. Here are a few Read the full article…

July, 2017

Hawaii 30

A record-setting 8.9 million visitors came to Hawaii in 2016. Most were drawn by the Islands’ decades-old persona of sun, sand, surf and aloha, but some were lured by the artful use of creative technology: • A photo on the Instagram account of a Japanese model in which she is seen surfing under a rainbow Read the full article…

July, 2017

The Home of Hawaii’s Realtors for 50 Years

THE BIG PICTURE OF HAWAII REALTORS® There is nothing more valuable than local knowledge when it comes to real estate transactions and that is the specialty of a REALTOR®. Hawaii REALTORS® has been supporting local REALTORS® in the 50th State for the past 50 years. With a refreshed look, website and name Hawaii REALTORS® is Read the full article…

July, 2017

Corporate Anniversaries 2017

What does it take to succeed in Hawaii? Read stories from local companies that have endured and flourished for many years. Each has its own unique recipe for achievement and accomplishment. Featuring: ST. ANDREW’S SCHOOLS HENSEL PHELPS TILECO INC. HEMIC MARYKNOLL SCHOOL  

July, 2017

The Careerist: The Strange Case of the Disappearing Boss

Q: My current boss has this persistent habit of disappearing during the few days before a big deadline, leaving us worker bees to do all the work and (of course) take all the blame. If the project goes well, he happily reappears and takes all the glory. We’ve taken our concern to his boss, who Read the full article…