Hawaii Depends on Small Businesses

Reg Baker

Small businesses are so crucial to Hawaii that they must be nurtured and protected for the overall economy to grow. The federal Small Business Administration has different definitions for a small business depending on the industry, but, if we use one of the SBA’s definitions – 500 or fewer employees – then 99 percent of Read the full article…

June 2017 , Small Business
June, 2017
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Family Business Forum Aims To Prepare Businesses For Succession Challenges

Daniel Ikaika Ito

There is an impending disaster on the horizon for Hawaii, and it’s not concerning a King Tide or hurricane season. According to Business Consulting Resources (BCR) Co-Founder/Partner Ken Gilbert the 50th State’s locally-owned family businesses are in trouble because many of them are not setup with succession plans. Recently, BCR conducted a survey of 200 family Read the full article…