Hawaii Business Top 100 Realtors 2014

Hawaii Business magazine is honored to present this ranking and its companion lists for the eighth year in a row. These are the only objective rankings of the state’s top real estate professionals.

June, 2014

We rank individual Realtors and real estate companies by the dollar value of total sales during 2013 and by the number of transactions. One Realtor led both lists; turn the page to find out who.


How We Compiled the Lists

Starting in February 2014, our research partner, PKF Pacific Hawaii LLP, analyzed the Multiple Listing Service data collected from the Honolulu Board of Realtors, Realtors Association of Maui and Hawaii Information Service, which compiles data for the Kauai Board of Realtors and Hawaii Island Realtors.*

For this list, we only include 2013 transactions that meet the following criteria:

  • Only MLS transactions in Hawaii are counted;
  • Only residential sales are counted; land-only and multifamily sales are not;
  • New property sales are not included;
  • No original or new development sales are counted;
  • Primary listors receive full credit for the transaction; co-listors do not receive credit;
  • Each side in a transaction – both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent – is credited with the full selling price of a home;
  • If you represent both buyer and seller, you are credited with twice the selling price.

Once the data are analyzed, Hawaii Business sends emails to the top 125 Realtors and asks them to verify their total sales. At this time, changes to the MLS – such as the primary listing agent – can be made via HBR, RAM or HIS. However, the transaction can only be counted if our researchers can independently verify this information, and if the transaction fits our criteria. Once final changes have been approved, PKF and Hawaii Business researchers confirm the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are land sales included? Vacant land sales are not included for the main Top 100 Realtors list, but Realtors who sell a lot of vacant land appear in separate lists. See those lists on page 52.

Why do you not include co-listors? Primary listors receive full credit because it is enforceable and manageable. Calculating totals from multiple listors and dividing sales credits would be unwieldy, if not impossible.

Anything unusual happen this year? Yes and several Realtors were affected. A piece of land that was vacant except for a tear-down house was purchased, then a house was built and sold for the first time in 2013. It was considered a new development in the MLS, though some people argued that it was a resale. Hawaii Business and its researchers concluded that since it was tagged a “New Development” in MLS by the Honolulu Board of Realtors, that would be the final decision. New developments are excluded from the Top 100 Realtors calculations.

Your Feedback

If you have any questions or comments, please email to feedback@hawaiibusiness.com. We do listen to your suggestions. For instance, starting this year, we also recognize the Top Realtors by transactions. Many Realtors appear on both the sales and transactions lists, but some appear just on the transactions list. By publishing this list, we wanted to recognize those Realtors who close a lot of sales of less-expensive properties.

*(Editor’s Note: The print version and an earlier online version of this story did not name the Kauai Board of Realtors and Hawaii Island Realtors, but we have named them here for clarity.)

Top 100 Realtors by Total Sales

RankAgentFirmTotal SalesTransactionsIsland
1Myron KiriuPrudential Advantage Realty$93,976,32097Oahu
2James SchneiderKukio Properties$80,980,00013Hawaii Island
3Sachiyo BradenSachi Hawaii Pacific Century Properties$68,641,00039Oahu
4Robert KildowHualalai Realty$64,593,41017Hawaii Island
5Anne OliverColdwell Banker Pacific Properties$55,422,5009Oahu
6 **Thomas LorattaHualalai Realty$53,539,00013Hawaii Island
7 **Bryn KaufmanOahuRE.com$51,855,00086Oahu
8 **Bob HansenMaui Estates International$50,868,00048Maui
9 **Patricia ChoiChoi International$50,812,00030Oahu
10Robert CartwrightWhalers Realty Inc.$50,593,00048Maui
11Jeffrey SamuelsJeffrey Samuels Real Estate$50,407,40084Oahu
12Carrie NicholsonHawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$43,674,9998Hawaii Island
13Nancy CallahanThe Wailea Group, LLC$43,634,9009Maui
14Melanie LongPacific International Realty$43,545,00020Oahu
15Daniel IharaKeller Williams Honolulu$43,269,07169Oahu
16Shinji KamimuraSeven Signatures International Corporation$43,064,60022Oahu
17Mary LaVoie-OlsonElite Pacific Properties, LLC$41,822,00017Oahu
18William MoffettMoffett Properties$40,886,35435Maui
19Richard CricchioHelp-U-Sell Honolulu Prop.$39,564,90064Oahu
20Josh JermanHawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$36,854,50059Maui
21Stephen HurwitzWindermere/C & H Properties-
$36,095,50013Hawaii Island
22Courtney BrownIsland Sotheby’s International Realty$35,303,65215Maui
23Dano SaylesRE/MAX Lifestyle$34,932,25017Maui
24Frank SchenkWindermere/C & H Properties-
$34,774,9958Hawaii Island
25Jeff KerrGold Coast Real Estate Inc.$34,685,00010Oahu
26Robert MyersColdwell Banker Island Prop(L)$34,470,00037Maui
27Tom TezakWailea Realty Corp.$32,135,15021Maui
28Nicole VincentMacArthur Sotheby’s International Realty***$31,725,0003Hawaii Island
Mauna Lani Realty, Inc.$30,719,00024Hawaii Island
30Adrienne LallyTeam Lally of Keller Williams Honolulu$30,557,90076Oahu
31Nathalie MullinixNathalie Mullinix Realty
Universal, Inc.
Hawaii Island
32Anne PerryColdwell Banker Pacific Properties$30,250,50019Oahu
33Suzanne OlsonKukuiula Realty Group LLC$29,825,80010Kauai
34Rebecca Hirsch-
MacArthur Sotheby’s
International Realty – Kamuela
$28,921,02330Hawaii Island
35Tracey Anne
Stott Kelley
Stott Real Estate, Inc.$28,276,90058Oahu
36Harold ClarkeWindermere/C & H Properties$27,802,50026Hawaii Island
37Patricia CaseElite Pacific Properties LLC$26,875,35029Oahu
38Ralph GrayRealty Executives Oahu$26,550,00013Oahu
39Ivy KumaiIvy K Realty LLC$25,970,70076Oahu
40Corinda WongPrudential Locations LLC$25,570,10030Oahu
41Ben GarnerKukio Properties$25,449,9994Hawaii Island
42David KucicHawaii Military Realty$25,150,55048Oahu
43Vincent LaoFive Star Realty, Inc.$25,055,20039Oahu
44Tracy AllenColdwell Banker Pacific Properties$24,769,00011Oahu
45Beth ChangColdwell Banker Pacific Properties$24,684,29517Oahu
46Dave WagnerWailea Point Realty, Inc.$24,375,0007Maui
47Robert DeinMaui Real Estate Advisors LLC$23,732,80032Maui
RE/MAX Kauai$23,564,50030Kauai
49Trevor BennBenn Pacific Group, Inc.$23,508,00031Oahu
50Joel CavassoCentury 21 Kailua Beach Realty$23,308,00011Oahu
51Tony PinkertHualalai Realty$23,165,0007Hawaii Island
52Myra BrandtKahala Associates, Inc.$23,097,90020Oahu
53Edward RapozaIsland Resort Property$23,035,0006Hawaii Island
54Nicole ChoiPrudential Locations LLC$22,974,00033Oahu
55Caron BroederdorfCaron B Realty International$22,567,50019Oahu
56Mary WorrallMary Worrall Associates$22,385,0009Oahu
57John PetersonColdwell Banker Pacific Properties$22,338,00015Oahu
58Eileen LacerteHawaii Beach and Golf Properties$22,325,00011Hawaii Island
59Susan BorochovColdwell Banker Pacific Prop.$21,863,76329Oahu
60Dolores BedionesPrudential Locations LLC$21,631,42521Oahu
61Roger PleskiHawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$21,479,99933Maui
62Stephen CipresElite Pacific Properties, LLC$21,430,25010Oahu
63Meghan ClairColdwell Banker Island Prop(S)$21,217,50010Maui
64Don PersonsGold Coast Real Estate Inc.$20,791,00023Oahu
65Courtney TakaiVesta Hawaii Real Estate$20,761,30037Oahu
66JoAnn AkiEmerald Club Realty, Inc.$20,652,00044Maui
67Iku HondaColdwell Banker Pacific Properties$20,363,00021Oahu
68Julianna GarrisChoi International$20,329,75021Oahu
69Neal NormanHawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$20,219,0009Kauai
Hawaii Island
70Sue MurrayIsland of Lanai Properties$20,045,00012Maui
RE/MAX Resort Realty$19,749,10026Maui
72Kay MukaigawaPrimary Properties Inc.$19,581,00031Oahu
73Kathleen KagawaHawaii 5-0 Properties, Inc.$19,415,00010Oahu
74Mark MarchelloWhalers Realty$19,386,90019Maui
75Scott AdamsPrudential Advantage Realty$19,326,50034Oahu
76Rob SheltonIsland Sotheby’s International Realty$19,178,65210Maui
77Ken SmithColdwell Banker Island Prop(S)$19,169,77523Maui
78Atsuko SatoKeller Williams Honolulu$19,001,50026Oahu
79Ruthie SchultzCentury 21 All Islands – Princeville$18,628,00018Kauai
80Riette JenkinsColdwell Banker Island Properties$18,533,0008Maui
81Jeremy SticeHawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$18,421,24924Maui
82Dennis RushThe Wailea Group LLC$18,338,0008Maui
83Diane ItoKeller Williams Honolulu$18,206,50021Oahu
84Hollace TurlColdwell Banker Pacific Properties$18,024,30018Oahu
85Adam FalbCentury 21 All Islands$17,928,00031Maui
86Sue BrownLivingston Realty$17,894,50041Hawaii Island
87Brandon LauPrudential Locations LLC$17,476,25930Oahu
88Jeff SimonHawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$17,455,00016Maui
89Rick ShawColdwell Banker Makai Properties$17,365,00021Kauai
90Mary BeddowColdwell Banker Pacific Properties$17,220,80017Oahu
91Hugh O’ReillyMaui Resort Realty$17,014,29914Maui
92Bradley MacArthurWailea Realty Corp.$16,986,75011Maui
93Maria HsuColdwell Banker Pacific Properties$16,935,00012Oahu
94Diana MahaneyHawaii Luxury Real Estate$16,842,10014Hawaii Island
95Bob MyersKona Resort Properties$16,336,45041Hawaii Island
96Cynthia NashChoi International$16,326,00017Oahu
97Robert CellaColdwell Banker Island Prop$16,274,0004Maui
98Barrie ParkerPualani Realty LLC$16,220,52539Hawaii Island
99Kathy ChristiansenMacArthur Sotheby’s International Realty$16,160,40016Hawaii Island
100Leslie SmithThe Wailea Group LLC$16,013,50012Maui

** (Correction: The print and an earlier online version had these rankings out of place.)

*** (Correction: The print and an earlier online version had the incorrect real estate company of Nicole Vincent.)


Top Realtors by Transactions

RankAgentFirmTotal SalesTransactionsIsland
1Myron KiriuPrudential Advantage Realty$93,976,32097Oahu
2Bryn KaufmanOahuRE.com$51,855,00086Oahu
3Jeffrey SamuelsJeffrey Samuels Real Estate$50,407,40084Oahu
4Ivy KumaiIvy K Realty LLC$25,970,70076Oahu
4Adrienne LallyTeam Lally of Keller Williams Honolulu$30,557,90076Oahu
6Daniel IharaKeller Williams Honolulu$43,269,07169Oahu
7Richard CricchioHelp-U-Sell Honolulu Prop.$39,564,90064Oahu
8Josh JermanHawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$36,854,50059Maui
9Tracey Anne Stott KelleyStott Real Estate, Inc.$28,276,90058Oahu
10Nathalie MullinixNathalie Mullinix Realty
Universal, Inc.
$30,427,45051Oahu, Maui, Hawaii Island
11Robert CartwrightWhalers Realty Inc.$50,593,00048Maui
11Bob HansenMaui Estates International$50,868,00048Maui
11David KucicHawaii Military Realty$25,150,55048Oahu
14JoAnn AkiEmerald Club Realty, Inc.$20,652,00044Maui
15Maile MasadaCentury 21 All Islands$15,601,95043Maui
16Sue BrownLivingston Realty$17,894,50041Hawaii Island
16Gretchen LambethHawaiian Isle Real Estate, LLC$14,422,13041Hawaii Island
16John MillerMacArthur & Company Sotheby’s International Realty – Kona$12,909,67541Hawaii Island
16Bob MyersKona Resort Properties$16,336,45041Hawaii Island
20Sachiyo BradenSachi Hawaii Pacific Century Properties$68,641,00039Oahu
20Catherine FedakAloha Coast Realty, LLC$5,746,96939Hawaii Island
20Vincent LaoFive Star Realty, Inc.$25,055,20039Oahu
20Barrie ParkerPualani Realty LLC$16,220,52539Hawaii Island
24Angela BrennaPrudential Locations$10,882,70038Oahu
25Hanako HataStarts International HI, Inc.$15,313,50037Oahu
25Kevin LewisOrchid Isle Properties$5,848,90037Hawaii Island
25Robert MyersColdwell Banker Island Prop$34,470,00037Maui
25Courtney TakaiVesta Hawaii Real Estate$20,761,30037Oahu
25Elaine Van de ZandeOahuRE.com$8,736,00037Oahu
30Caron LingHawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$12,517,50036Oahu
31Lance MiyasatoCentury 21 Homefinders of Hawaii$7,737,50035Oahu
Hawaii Island
31William MoffettMoffett Properties$40,886,35435Maui
33Scott AdamsPrudential Advantage Realty$19,326,50034Oahu
33Christi MallicoatAloha Coast Realty, LLC$5,169,78534Hawaii Island
35Corey CazaresVeteran To Veteran Real Estate at Island Style Realty Inc.$14,378,87533Oahu
35Nicole ChoiPrudential Locations LLC$22,974,00033Oahu
35Mark CoxColdwell Banker Day-Lum Properties$7,717,01833Hawaii Island
35Howard MeguroColdwell Banker Day-Lum Properties$4,994,48933Hawaii Island
35Roger PleskiHawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$21,479,99933Maui
35Debbie YoungHelp-U-Sell Honolulu Properties$14,653,88033Oahu
41Robert DeinMaui Real Estate Advisors LLC$23,732,80032Maui
41Rose DelfinOrchid Isle Properties$7,505,70032Hawaii Island
41Mathew Huy NgoCentury 21 All Islands$13,391,00032Oahu
41Donald PixlerPrudential All Star Realty$7,908,40032Kauai
45Robyn BaglowThe Land Office, LLC$4,400,18331Hawaii Island
45Trevor BennBenn Pacific Group, Inc.$23,508,00031Oahu
45Stephanie ChanPrudential Locations LLC$16,006,00031Oahu
45Donna DuryeaHawaii Life Real Estate$9,198,04031Hawaii Island
45Adam FalbCentury 21 All Islands$17,928,00031Maui
45Kay MukaigawaPrimary Properties Inc.$19,581,00031Oahu
45Denise NakanishiPrudential Orchid Isle Properties$8,798,00031Hawaii Island
52James ChanPrudential Locations LLC$14,857,50030Oahu
52Patricia ChoiChoi International$50,812,00030Oahu
52Christina DongFive Star Realty, Inc.$13,385,90030Oahu
52Rebecca Hirsch-
MacArthur Sotheby’s International Realty – Kamuela$28,921,02330Hawaii Island
52Kim Insley-MorrellColdwell Banker Island Properties$15,190,50030Maui
52Brandon LauPrudential Locations LLC$17,476,25930Oahu
52Ron MargolisHawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$9,882,49830Kauai
52Cimi MorganEpic Realty LLC$12,146,40030Maui
52Keahi PelayoKU Realty, LLC$14,643,50030Oahu
52Ray Radim ProsekRE/MAX Honolulu$11,889,38830Oahu
52Yvonne SummerfieldRE/MAX Kauai$23,564,50030Kauai
52Corinda WongPrudential Locations LLC$25,570,10030Oahu
64Susan BorochovColdwell Banker Pacific Prop.$21,863,76329Oahu
64Patricia CaseElite Pacific Properties LLC$26,875,35029Oahu
64Heather HedenschauBig Island Brokers$5,671,86929Hawaii Island
64JJ LeiningerColdwell Banker Makai Properties$9,797,99229Kauai
68Nica CaoileCentury 21 Paradise International$4,564,40028Hawaii Island
68Gina DuncanMaui Real Estate Advisors LLC$9,668,88828Maui
68Kathleen OldfatherOrchid Isle Properties$6,468,00028Hawaii Island
68Mikiko TerahiraColdwell Banker Pacific Prop.$12,815,50028Oahu
Hawaii Island
68Derinda ThatcherClark Realty Corp.$15,324,40028Hawaii Island
68Cindy WildWindermere/C & H Properties$8,610,80028Hawaii Island
74Marissa AshleyAction Team Realty, Inc.$12,232,00027Hawaii Island
74Norman BantaPrudential Locations LLC$11,253,46327Oahu
74Dancetta FearyPrudential Locations LLC$7,006,19527Oahu
74Marshall MowerPrudential Locations LLC$13,890,90027Oahu
78Ken AndersonCentury 21 All Islands – Kona$6,191,03526Hawaii Island
78Lena ChingPrudential Advantage Realty$9,946,00026Oahu
78Harold ClarkeWindermere/C and H Properties$27,802,50026Hawaii Island
78Keith IwamotoCentury 21 Homefinders of Hawaii$6,504,25026Hawaii Island
78Derek KammChoi International$14,746,64626Oahu
78Sherrie KurodaPrudential Locations LLC$11,730,00026Oahu
78Kendra OkihiroPrudential Locations LLC$10,376,60026Oahu
78Susan Onishi AndradePrudential Locations LLC$11,329,50026Oahu
78Kathryn Petty-TubmanRE/MAX Resort Realty$19,749,10026Maui
78Melinda PinterColdwell Banker Pacific Prop.$10,874,00026Oahu
78Atsuko SatoKeller Williams Honolulu$19,001,50026Oahu
78Linda WeatherholtMaui Seaside Realty$7,640,05026Maui
90Vernon ChockVernco Properties, Inc.$15,913,50025Oahu
90Cindy Griffey SchmidtknechtMacArthur Sotheby’s
International Realty, Kona
$8,033,50025Hawaii Island
90Paul PacuillaReside Kauai, LLC$11,370,00025Kauai
90Ronald RiggClark Realty Corp. – Waimea$5,951,35525Hawaii Island
90Kelly ShawKoa Realty, Inc.$8,982,86825Hawaii Island
95Roxanne BakerKona Coast Realty Corporation$10,990,90024Hawaii Island
95Henry CorreaHank Correa Realty$5,447,50824Hawaii Island
95James FosterChase ‘N Rainbows Real Estate Inc.$11,940,00024Maui
95Joan GrahamColdwell Banker Pacific Prop.$13,573,50024Oahu
95Linda JohnsonRE/MAX Brokers$8,474,73324Hawaii Island
95Yvonne Khouri-MorganMauna Lani Realty, Inc.$30,719,00024Hawaii Island
95Elizabeth MakananiPrudential Locations LLC$14,543,90524Oahu
95Lori OwensWindermere/C and H Properties$9,866,00024Hawaii Island
95Charmaine Quilit-PokiPrudential Locations LLC$8,121,30024Oahu
95Reba-Mae SilvaReba-Mae Silva REALTOR$11,137,00024Hawaii Island
95Jeremy SticeHawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$18,421,24924Maui


Why This List Ends at No. 95

The transactions were credited the same as our Top 100 Realtors by Sales list. The primary listor received credit for one transaction when representing the buyer, and one transaction when representing the seller. There are multiple tied rankings on this list, including an 11-way tie for No. 95. Because of this, the list contains 105 Realtors.


Top Vacant Land Realtors

Top Vacant Land Realtors rank agents by sales of land zoned for residential only. Land zoned for agriculture was not included. Hawaii Business understands that properties zoned for agriculture are often sold for “gentleman farming” and the buyers have no plans for commercial farming use, but since we cannot determine which will be used for farming and which will be used for residential, we do not include these properties. We also realize that criteria for vacant land designation vary from county to county, but we cannot account for such variations.

Top Vacant Land Realtors by Sales

RankAgentFirmTotal SalesTransactionsIsland
1James SchneiderKukio Properties$58,375,00015Hawaii Island
2Carrie NicholsonHawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$44,235,0009Hawaii Island
3Neal NormanHawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$33,340,0004Kauai
4Rob KildowHualalai Realty$26,700,00011Hawaii Island
Mauna Lani Realty$16,780,00011Hawaii Island
6Suzanne OlsonKukuiula Realty Group LLC$16,025,50013Kauai
7Hugh StarrHugh Starr & Co. Inc.$15,600,0001Maui
8John FergusonMakena Wailea Real Estate Inc.$10,850,0002Maui
9Robert MerrimanThe Wailea Group LLC$10,000,0002Maui
9Robert CellaColdwell Banker Island Properties$10,000,0001Maui


Top Vacant Land Realtors by Transaction

RankAgentFirmTotal SalesTransactionsIsland
1Christi MallicoatAloha Coast Realty$709,20022Hawaii Island
2Drew VentoColdwell Banker Makai Properties$552,50019Kauai
3Kimberly ParksOrchid Isle Properties$335,09918Hawaii Island
4Terry KamenTerry Kamen$5,791,00017Kauai
5Howard MeguroColdwell Banker Day-Lum Properties$136,50016Hawaii Island
6Lance MiyasatoCentury 21 Homefinders of Hawaii$893,40015Hawaii Island
6James SchneiderKukio Properties$58,375,00015Hawaii Island
6Gina Hara ChunHara Chun Realty, LLC$2,850,00015Hawaii Island
6Cyndy DyalClark Realty Corp. – Kona$2,388,00015Hawaii Island
6Cheryl WhiteClark Realty Corp. – Kona$2,281,50015Hawaii Island



Top 25 Real Estate Companies by Total Sales

For this list, we used the same methodology as we did for the Top 100 Realtors. Because of the sheer volume of transactions (more than 25,000), we did not ask for verification from the companies.

To complete our total, we combined the total sales and total transactions of companies and their separate offices. For example, Coldwell Banker Island Properties includes its four offices: Wailea Gateway Plaza, Shops at Wailea, Paia and West Maui.

RankFirmTotal SalesTransactions
1Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties$1,260,095,8031996
2Prudential Locations LLC$1,220,318,6722417
3Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$508,754,453850
4Coldwell Banker Island Properties$467,703,717652
5Century 21 All Islands$447,780,979962
6Prudential Advantage Realty$284,485,169436
7Clark Realty Corp.$230,581,679592
8RE/MAX Honolulu$206,251,456412
9East Oahu Realty, Inc.$187,509,796292
10Elite Pacific Properties, LLC$173,376,563192
11Kukio Properties$148,214,99824
12Kahala Associates$145,670,656198
13Hualalai Realty$143,047,41038
14Windermere/C & H Properties$142,025,657206
15Choi International$134,864,696130
16The Wailea Group LLC$134,446,04987
17Wailea Realty Corp.$132,806,208154
18MacArthur Sotheby’s International Realty$127,984,971209
19Hawaii Homes International$114,426,400192
20Whalers Realty Inc.$106,376,799154
21Keller Williams Realty$89,526,06810
22Coldwell Banker Makai Properties$87,467,812147
23Coldwell Banker Maryl Realty$83,354,248152
24Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties$81,662,438151
25Gold Coast Real Estate Inc.$77,011,38881


Top 25 Real Estate Companies by Transactions

RankFirmTotal SalesTransactions
1Prudential Locations LLC$1,220,318,6722417
2Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties$1,260,095,8031996
3Century 21 All Islands$447,780,979962
4Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers$508,754,453850
5Coldwell Banker Island Properties$467,703,717652
6Clark Realty Corp.$230,581,679592
7Prudential Advantage Realty$284,485,169436
8RE/MAX Honolulu$206,251,456412
9East Oahu Realty, Inc.$187,509,796292
10Orchid Isle Properties Inc.$58,653,850248
11MacArthur Sotheby’s International Realty$127,984,971209
12Windermere/C and H Properties$142,025,657206
13Keller Williams Realty$89,526,068200
14Kahala Associates$145,670,656198
15Elite Pacific Properties, LLC$173,376,563192
15Hawaii Homes International$114,426,400192
17Ivy K Realty$58,130,050154
17Wailea Realty Corp.$132,806,208154
17Whalers Realty Inc.$106,376,799154
20Coldwell Banker Maryl Realty$83,354,248152
21Help-U-Sell Honolulu Properties$81,662,438151
22Coldwell Banker Makai Properties$87,467,812147
23Coldwell Banker Day-Lum Properties$30,181,478142
24Marcus & Associates, Inc.$75,590,250141
25Century 21 Homefinders of Hawaii$24,707,138138


Honorable Mention

These are the Top Realtors by sales, ranked from 101 to 125. The same criteria applies.

RankAgentFirmTotal SalesTransactionsIsland
101Stephanie ChanPrudential Locations LLC$16,006,00031Oahu
102Vernon ChockVernco Properties, Inc.$15,913,50025Oahu
103Ann KwockTrinity Properties, LLC$15,680,0005Oahu
104Gary MooersColdwell Banker Island Prop(S)$15,647,90022Maui
105Scott CarvillCarvill & Company LLC$15,645,99912Oahu
106Maile MasadaCentury 21 All Islands (Ka)$15,601,95043Maui
107Hannah SiroisKauai Heritage Properties$15,363,00021Kauai
108Derinda ThatcherClark Realty Corp.$15,324,40028Hawaii Island
109Kathie WellsColdwell Banker Pacific Properties$15,317,00016Oahu
110Hanako HataStarts International HI, Inc.$15,313,50037Oahu
111Kim Insley-MorrellColdwell Banker Island Properties$15,190,50030Maui
112James ChanPrudential Locations LLC$14,857,50030Oahu
113Steve BakerWailea Realty Corp.$14,747,90015Maui
114Derek KammChoi International$14,746,64626Oahu
115Debbie YoungHelp-U-Sell Honolulu Properties$14,653,88033Oahu
116Keahi PelayoKU Realty, LLC$14,643,50030Oahu
117Elizabeth MakananiPrudential Locations LLC$14,543,90524Oahu
118Gretchen LambethHawaiian Isle Real Estate, LLC$14,422,13041Hawaii Island
119Volker WeissColdwell Banker Island Prop(S)$14,417,5007Maui
120Corey CazaresVeteran To Veteran Real Estate at Island Style Realty Inc.$14,378,87533Oahu
121John FergusonMakena Wailea Real Estate Inc.$14,253,50015Maui
122Vickie GrahamCentury 21 All Islands$14,174,50015Oahu
123Bernie TongPrudential Locations LLC$14,029,00023Oahu
124Jeffrey FoxKahala Associates, Inc.$13,999,0008Oahu
125Johnny McElreeHawaii Luxury Listings$13,901,30011Hawaii Island


Oahu’s Top Sale

The most expensive home sale on Oahu for 2013 was 503 Portlock Rd. This oceanfront property was one of four parcels created from the original Kaiser Estate. Here are the details:

  • Unobstructed views from east Oahu to Diamond Head (view shown above);
  • 1.81 acres of land;
  • 10,180 square feet of interior living space plus 1,668 square feet  of open lanai;
  • Seven bedrooms, six baths and five half-baths;
  • Included were two guest suites, a nanny apartment, humidor, billiards room, waterfalls and pool;
  • Listing agent was Melanie Long of Pacific International Realty;
  • Buyer’s agent was Sean Tadaki of Commercial Asset Advisors.


Hawaii Island’s Top Sale

The top sale last year on Hawaii Island was a vacant site at 17-124 Lei Kaunaoa Place in Kona. The beachfront lot in the Kukio Golf and Beach Club sold for $22.5 million. The listing agent was Carrie Nicholson and the buying agent was James Schneider, both of Kukio Properties at the time.

The most expensive home sold was in the same development, at 72-3041 Kakapa Place. The price: $21 million. Schneider was the listing agent and Nicole L Vincent of Island Resort Property the buying agent. However, the building has been torn down to make way for a new home.


Maui’s Top Sale

The most expensive sale on Maui in 2013 was of 3116 South Kihei Rd., which went for $11.5 million. The home was considered a teardown, but the 0.8-acre site had a huge-selling point: 110 linear feet of beach frontage on Keawakapu Beach. Location, location, location.

The listing agent was Robert Cella of Coldwell Banker Island Properties; the buyers’ agent was Nancy Callahan of The Wailea Group.


Kauai’s Top Sale

The top sale on Kauai was a vacant home site. The 1.07-acre beachfront site at 5590 Weke Rd. on Hanalei Bay sold at $15 million. It had 160 linear feet of beach frontage. Neal Norman of Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers represented both sides of the transaction.


PKF Pacific Hawaii LLP

PKF Pacific Hawaii LLP provides a full range of audit, tax and advisory services to the Hawaii business community.  It is a member firm of PKF North America and PKF International, its international affiliate. PKF Pacific Hawaii acquired the Honolulu office of Grant Thornton LLP 2010, which had served the Hawaii community for over 50 years.

PKF Pacific Hawaii has analyzed the data for Hawaii Business magazine’s Top 100 Realtors since 2010, and we thank them for their hard work on this list.

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