Author: Hawaii Business Advertising Staff

Are Your SMART Goals Smart Enough?

‘Tis the season for strategic planning! Whether your organization fared well or not during the pandemic, this is the perfect time to dust off your plan and check if your goals are still relevant. Or is it time for a whole new set of goals as you navigate the post-pandemic landscape?

Giving in the Workplace – Inspiring Transformation and Purpose | The G70 Foundation

Everyone knows the quote “if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. In the same light, ask employees to give, and you’ll see some disparate, one-off, and occasional transactions – but empower employees to learn, connect, and give to causes/initiatives that inspire them, and you develop a team to champion your company’s community involvement.

It Takes a Village

So often in business you hear “public-private partnership.” What does that mean, and how is this concept transforming our communities in Hawaiʻi?

The Great Resignation & Workplace Culture

Millions of employees have left their jobs at record-breaking levels, while other employees who remained with their companies reported a supportive workplace culture that inspired them to stay. How can you create a culture that slows down the Great Resignation?