Letters to the Editor: Feedback

April, 2011

State Budget Shortfall? Check Your Mail

After reading your article on how long it takes the state government to cash checks(Hurry Up and Wait on Taxes, December2011), I looked at my January bank statement.

I found that my GET payments made Dec. 20 still hadn’t cleared the bank as of Jan. 31, and neither had my estimated income tax payment paid on Dec. 30. The GET payments were pretty small, but that income tax payment was many thousands of dollars. I checked back later and found both checks weren’t cashed until mid-February. Appalling.

It’s interesting to note that the City and County of Honolulu cashes my real property tax payments almost immediately.

“Angry Taxpayer”


Leadership + Vision = Success

After listening to the panelists at the C-Suite presentation on Feb. 8 (sponsored by Hawaii Business at the Plaza Club), I understand why these organizations are so successful (Bank of Hawaii, Kamehameha Schools, HMSA).
The leadership is obvious, but much more important to the success of these organizations are the systems that they have put into place to achieve their goals. They all have a clear vision of where they want to go and they have developed the strategic plans to achieve that vision.

Most important of all is that they have put into place the mechanisms to drive the actions needed to reach the goals throughout the entire organization. Many other organizations can learn from their example.

Steve Novak
PPR Management Services


Hawaii Coffee by the Numbers, II


Number of Starbucks in Hawaii that actually carry 100% Kona coffee


Percentage of foreign coffee that goes into “Kona Blends” marketed to unsuspecting consumers. Blends are only required to contain 10 percent Kona coffee under state law.

$14 Million

Loss suffered by 650 small Kona farmers under the 10-percent-blend law. (“Economic Effects of Blending Kona Coffee” by Martin Feldman, PhD)

Posted online by “KonaCoffee” with our story “Hawaii Coffee by the Numbers” (February)

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