5 Steps to a Fitter You

If 2015 is like most years, fitness goals are at the top of most people’s resolutions list. Fitness instructor and author Tony Rodriguez Larkin offers this guide for you to succeed:

1. Take measurements
Keep data on everything you want to improve. Want to lose weight? Step on the scale every day. Want to feel better? Ask yourself how you’re feeling every few weeks. Be sure to write everything down and review it.

2. Practice only one habit at a time
Numerous studies show that people are typically successful when they limit their change to one behavior at a time, for say three to four weeks, before introducing a new one. People tend to overestimate how hard change will be—and underestimate how long it will take. So, stick to just one habit at a time and you’ll get there.

3. Do something every day
Change happens only when you slowly tear down old habits and build healthy new ones in their place. It is a process that requires consistency.

4. Be accountable to someone
Everyone needs someone to hold them accountable. Who is that person in your life? Who challenges your excuses? Identify that individual and enlist him or her as your fitness resolution buddy.

5. Take selfies
Step in front of the camera and snap a few photos of yourself every few weeks. This is an important step toward self-awareness and the best way to document your hard work. Everyone starts in the same place, out of shape or unhappy with their bodies, but think how you’ll feel when you have an “after” photo to compare it to!

Tony Rodriguez Larkin

Photos: David Croxford

Photos: David Croxford

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