5 Steps to Becoming the Master of Your Time

Time is the raw material of our world. Use it wisely and you can manifest your highest goals and leave a powerful legacy, says executive coach Nina Cherry. She says once you have a vision for your life that includes your main values and whatever else is most important to you, then take these steps to ensure that vision comes true.


1. Daily Plan

Take 20 to 30 minutes every work day to plan your day, either at night or first thing in the morning. Keep a notepad next to your desk and write the top three most important things to do that day. Clean off your desk daily. File, shred, download, scan and delegate during planning time. The elated feeling of being organized and prepared is worth every minute.

2. Power Hours

Schedule several hours each week to do your most important projects when you have the most energy and the fewest distractions.  Some executives start work at 6 a.m. or earlier to create those power hours. The more absorbed you can get, the more productive you’ll be, so turn off digital distractions, close the door and focus.

3. Digital Detox

Flurry Analytics says Americans with smartphones and tablets spend an average of two hours and 38 minutes a day on them. Stop addictively checking your phone and email all day.

4. Say No

Cultivate the art of refusal. Consider how much time you would have for your most important goals if you did not spend so much of it on trivial tasks. The most successful people in the world say “No” to almost everything. Get over your guilt and get dedicated to your priorities.

5. Self-Care

Encourage renewal in your company for peak productivity. Create at least one time in the day when you go out for a walk or put your feet up during a quiet pause. Take all your vacation time. The reason is simple: If you don’t replenish your reservoir of energy, you will burn out.



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