Be inspired. Investigate the world. Take action. Prosper.

It is no secret that tomorrow’s solutions for contemporary issues will emerge from the intellect, creativity and moral courage of our young people. Preparing our children to have the dispositions, confidence and capacity to solve complex problems must be top of mind for educational institutions everywhere.

Thankfully, the science of learning is advancing at a breathtaking pace and age old wisdom is being confirmed. Inspiration matters! When students are inspired by a teacher, or are passionate about a subject, they fall in love with learning and excel in school. Students can’t help but do something! Learning is so much more than passively listening to the teacher. When students take action and create value for others, they gain vital life experiences and grow in both knowledge and wisdom.

At St. Andrewʻs Schools, we interweave social emotional learning and “learning by doing” to create opportunities for our students to investigate the world, recognize different perspectives, communicate ideas and take useful and purposeful action. Whether this be through a design thinking project, a working internship at a local business, or participation in a project-based research project, students “learn by doing” in the complex dynamo of today’s world.

The result? Students learn deeply, stay curious, are hopeful about the future, and understand how to lead themselves and others with a compassionate and courageous heart.

We are proud of the young women and now men, who step out into world, empowered by all that they have accomplished during their years at The Priory and The Prep. We are even prouder that they leave us ready to do much more.

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