CEOs and EOs Need ‘Me Time’

By midafternoon every workday, Hank Wuh is ready for a break. For the CEO of Cellular Bioengineering Inc., that means 45 minutes swimming off Diamond Head.

“I need it,” Wuh says simply. This down time — “me time” — recharges Wuh for his demanding job running a high-tech Hawaii company developing and marketing artificial corneas, multifaceted cleanup compounds, biosensor chips and other ingenious products.

Surging through the waves with no phones or e-mails clears his mind and provides the quiet time to solve problems. He returns to work refreshed, ready to tackle the next project.

Me time is especially important for the busiest people in demanding situations — business leaders, mothers, teachers — but the benefits are enjoyed by everyone (EOs). It keeps you from being resentful and discharges the emotional static electricity that builds up in life.

You can exercise, get a manicure, watch a movie or take in a sunset. Such a break renews energy and perspective, may inspire an innovation or, at the very least, keeps your life on an even keel.

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