Good Neighbors with Jennifer Kem: Lifting Up the Leeward Side

Jennifer Kem has a soft spot for folks on the Leeward side.

The 41-year-old global marketing strategist and owner of KemComm Media Group grew up in Waialua on the North Shore, graduated from Mid-Pacific Institute and then went to college in California.

But despite having advised companies as large and well-known as Oracle, Microsoft and Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kem still identifies with her family’s sugar plantation background.

So when Christiane Bolosan-Yee, executive director of the Ewa Beach Community-Based Development Organization, asked her to volunteer by teaching a small-business class, “it was an absolute ‘yes,’ “ Kem recalls.

The eight-week course called Momentum Pro explains how to start or maintain a business. Kem has been teaching it for three years and has helped train others to teach it.

Kem says she has coached almost 100 people and has many small-business success stories.

“I tell them in class, ‘I can teach you all the strategies in the world, but you have to take action.’ ”


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