2023 Business Cybersecurity Resolutions

As you’re working on your personal new year’s resolutions, don’t forget about your business.


2022 saw explosive growth of new ransomware variants and the rise of CrimeasaService (CaaS). In 2023 experts anticipate an increasing number of ransomware attacks with more destructive capabilities.

To help protect your business, here are some of the 2023 Business Cybersecurity Resolutions that our experts recommend:

1. Implement Defense in Depth
Strengthen and fortify your organization’s security layers to optimize the defense against cyber threats.

2. Provide Cybersecurity Training for Employees.
Your employees are your best assets, but they can also be your weakest link when it comes to cyber threats. Make sure to conduct regular training on how to prevent a social engineering attack. Enforce strong passwords and create, enforce, and regularly update safety protocols.

3. Update Software and Patch Systems.
Cyber threats are getting more sophisticated every day. Make sure you constantly check for vulnerabilities in your defenses and have the latest version of your software.

For the full list of 2023 Business Cybersecurity Resolutions and a more indepth discussion on how to achieve them tune in to Hawaiian Telcom University Virtual Event. Register Now

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Hawaiian Telcom University Virtual Event: 2023 Business Cybersecurity Resolutions
Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 | 11:00am 11:30am

  • Michael Morales, Director of Business and Consulting Services, Hawaiian Telcom
  • Michael Taratko, Senior Security Principal Consultant, Hawaiian Telcom
Topics of Discussion Include:
  • How to implement Defense in Depth
  • Ways to execute cybersecurity training for employees
  • Frequency and tools for updating software and patching systems
  • Keys to developing a strong backup and recovery plan


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