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Open for Business

In celebration of Small Business Month in May, First Hawaiian Bank featured a handful of its innovative small business clients, highlighting how these entrepreneurs have grown, overcome hurdles, and flourished with support from the bank’s small business programs.

Observing Innovators in Bloom

In 2050, students learn under the infinite sky. In each school complex, outdoor education hubs outnumber placid classrooms, each site a star in a constellation of learning spanning mauka to makai. Education hubs provide an immersive learning experience in the final installment of Hawaiʻi of Tomorrow presented by Hawaiian Electric.

Hawaiʻi of Tomorrow

In this series, Hawaiian Electric envisions resourceful, sustainable islands that adapt to the challenges of the coming decades, especially climate change. Brilliant collaboration with experts across industries, community groups and local artists manifested stories that imagine what Hawaiʻi's future might look like in 2050.