aio Media Hawaiʻi Lodging & Tourism Awards: Best Hotels & Accommodations

Delivering world-class customer services, these accommodations have enabled their guests to experience all that makes Hawaiʻi “no ka oi”.

Here, you can nominate your candidates under the categories of:

  • Boutique (less than 199 rooms)

  • Small Hotel (less than 399 rooms)

  • Large Hotel (400+ rooms)

  • Luxury Accommodations (Four or Five Diamond/Star Rating by AAA or Forbes Travel Guide)


  • How old are your caregiving relatives (approximate age is OK)?
    At what stage in your children’s lives did grandparents help out the most?
    In what ways did grandparents assist (such as babysitting, school pickups/drop offs, financial assistance, shared housing, more)?
    What are the challenges with having grandparents and/or older relatives help you with your children?
    What do you want more people to know about grandparents helping working parents raise children in Hawai‘i?
  • Did you stay at home or reduce your work hours to raise your child(ren)?
    Did your spouse stay at home or reduce work hours?
    Did you pay for childcare or after-school care? If so, what were your childcare arrangements?
    About what percentage of your take-home income went to paying for care?
    Did you feel like you were disadvantaged by not having grandparents to help? If so, what were the biggest challenges?
  • (We won’t use your name unless we contact you and get your direct permission to do so.)


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