Innovation: iRun Earphones

Three Styles:

  • iRun Performance is a short-wired earphone for iPod Shuffle users who wear hats or shirts while they train.
  • iRun Advantage is for those who strap smart phones to their arms or attach iPods to their sports bras.
  • iRun Extreme is a  waterproof earphone for water-sports enthusiasts.


Local company iRun seeks to improve upon existing athletic products. “We identify the problems that others don’t address, and find solutions,” says founder Frank Duggar. One result: earphones with shorter cords.


Duggar, a marathoner and triathlete, had a problem with long earphone cords. “They would always get stuck to me when I would sweat, get tangled and I would have to come up with different ways to deal with it,” he says. “So I decided to solve the problem. I bought a cheap pair of earphones, cut the wires, soldered them together, tried it out and it worked.”


“I’ve always run with headphones for as long as I can remember. I’ve been running with iRun earphones for two years now and I love the short cords,” says Rob Keogh, a petty officer with the U.S. Coast Guard. “I use them with my iPod, which I clip onto my hat. No tangling wires, no fuss and great sound.”

Other Products:

iRun also makes socks, laces, belts and hats.

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