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Malia Siu & Lisa Camacho

Real Estate Agents
Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 479-8418 | (808) 348-0468

Home has taken has taken on a new meaning this past year. Working from home has provided freedom from the offi ce ball and chain. Flex space is the new buzzword and Den is on everyone’s wish list. It is time to fi nd your safe and happy space in this crazy and competitive real estate market.


Five years ago, Malia and Lisa took on the name, SiuCamacho, and are now a success story. They realized that real estate was 24/7 and their clients needed two sets of eyes working for them. “Working as a team allows us to provide consistent, top-notch services to all of our clients. We believe in honesty, communication and adaptability because there is no time to waste in our business. Real estate is exciting and unpredictable and we love taking on challenges and accomplishing great things for our clients.”


Team Siu+Camacho can help you fi nd your way “home.” Siu+Camacho is proud to have 6 additional team members this year with specialties that include listing, marketing, buying & investments. Give us a call and let us lead you to your happy place, home!


Malia Siu, RB 20592

Lisa Camacho, RB 69309