Psychic and Medium

NAME: Yoshie Miakoda Chihara

JOB: Spiritual psychic medium


START: “I started out as ahypnotherapist to help people stop smoking. Around the same time, I was having serious relationship problems and nothing was working. I have always been a nonreligious person and a skeptic, so when I started hearing voices in my head, I thought, ‘Now I’m really going crazy.’ But when I listened to them, they were telling me things. I began reading about others who have these experiences and discovered them to be what some call guardian angels. We all have them and sometimes they’re called personal guides or spiritual guides.”

TITLE: “I am both a psychic and a medium. Psychics connect with energy fields from your aura so they are reading your potential based on what happened in the past and what could happen in the future. Everyone has the potential to be a psychic, but some people can tap into it more quickly than others. Mediums are psychic, as well, but they are able to connect with spirits.”

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “When I have to do a reading for parents who have lost a child, I get angry, wondering, ‘Why?’ But I know that the loss is part of their path. When you lose someone so close and so precious, it’s so painful. I know I’m helping them get closure, but it can be difficult to control my emotions.”

TRAINING: “I’m a certified medium and studied under very well known mediums at the Spiritualists’ National Union of Great Britain, the world’s largest spiritualist organization. As with any profession, education must continue in order to unfold your gift and take it to a higher level. Next year, I’ll be going to Scotland for a demonstration on mediumship.” (This interview was edited for conciseness.)

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