Tattoo Legend

If you want Mike Ledger to create your next tattoo, get in line. He is booked for the next two years, with a waiting list.

His elaborate tattoos can take months and many repeat visits to complete, but his fans value his eye for detail, years of diverse experience and his knowledge of Polynesian tattoos.

“The designs I do are passed down as stories,” Ledger says. “I’m helping my clients tell their stories. I make sure to take my time and hope my clients feel as if they are a part of an elite group, that they are proud to wear my work and I’m proud to tattoo them.”

Most of the 38-year-old’s permanent artwork is walking around Hawaii, but he has an installation piece titled “Heavenly Gardens” at the Contemporary Museum in Makiki. He’s also looking forward to creating fabrics and designs for his own clothing line, and a calendar showcasing his clients’ tattoos.


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