Photo by Kent Nishimura.

Death Is His Life’s Work

Jackie M. Young

NAME: Charles Clark AGE: 57 JOB: Mortician, Oahu Mortuary START: When he was about 17, Clark attended a friend’s funeral service at Borthwick Mortuary. “The funeral director and I became friendly and chatted, and when I returned to the funeral home the next day, he asked if I was interested in working there. “I started Read the full article…

Careers , July 2017
July, 2017
We thought children would be the best models to illustrate this story, because they are the workers of tomorrow and all parents want their children to have it better than they did. Some observers say that many male executives don't really understand the challenges of women at work until their daughters join the workforce. Photography by Aaron K. Yoshino.

Women at Work

Lavonne Leong

Why are there so few women at the top? Just 5.8 percent of CEOs at Fortune 500 companies are women. Globally, women hold around 15 percent of corporate board seats; in the U.S., it’s just 11 to 12 percent. There are plenty of reasons for this gender disparity, and most have nothing to do with Read the full article…

Photo by David Croxford.

My Job: EXTRA: Read All About Him!

Jackie M. Young

Real estate agent’s other job is background actor for movies and TV shows. He’s great at blending in. NAME: Jerald Pang AGE: 56 JOB: Nonunion background actor (extra) and full-time real estate agent START: In the summer of 2013, Pang joined thousands sweltering in long lines for a chance to be an extra on the Read the full article…

Careers , June 2017
June, 2017