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5 Steps: It Pays to Pay Attention

Jordan Virtue

The human brain is a complex computer that helps us interact with our complicated world. Other computers, however, are among the many things that distract our brains from focusing on that world. “There’s all sorts of information in the environment – there’s light, there’s sound, and all of these things are reaching your different senses Read the full article…

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September, 2017
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Parting Shot: Thank Goodness, This Is a Drill

Hawaii Business Magazine

Firefighters train for two of their most important roles in an airplane fire: clearing a fire-free path for evacuating passengers and rescuing incapacitated victims. These Federal Fire Department recruits train using a mock large-body aircraft, whose fire is fed by propane. Even though this is training, many factors create stressful situations that help recruits learn Read the full article…

August 2017 , Business Trends , Careers
September, 2017

My Job: We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Jackie M. Young

NAME: Cari Ann Leong AGE: 32 JOB: Owner, Ice Cream Dreamz, an ice cream/gelato truck, and full-time hairstylist START: “It’s a family-run truck,” the Sacred Hearts graduate and Kaimuki resident explains. “We started it about three years ago. It was my lifetime dream to have an ice cream truck, as I have a passion for Read the full article…

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August, 2017
Photo by Kent Nishimura.

Death Is His Life’s Work

Jackie M. Young

NAME: Charles Clark AGE: 57 JOB: Mortician, Oahu Mortuary START: When he was about 17, Clark attended a friend’s funeral service at Borthwick Mortuary. “The funeral director and I became friendly and chatted, and when I returned to the funeral home the next day, he asked if I was interested in working there. “I started Read the full article…

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July, 2017