February, 2015

15-Feb-HB-HR360-01We hear it from small business owners all the time, “Our employees are terrific… but having employees is tough.”

While great employees are key to a business’s growth and success, staying on top of the issues that contribute to a thriving workforce is no small undertaking.

To get the scoop on the latest trends affecting HR today, we consulted the experts at ProService Hawaii, the state’s largest human resource partner, specializing in comprehensive post-hire services ranging from payroll, benefits, risk and compliance, and workers’ compensation management to high-level HR strategy. Here’s their take on the three most important HR-related issues facing business owners and operators in 2015.

#1: Retention is more important than recruitment. “Your best people are receiving job offers right now,” Ben Godsey, CEO of ProService Hawaii, reminds us. While the traditional HR emphasis is often on recruitment, the leaders at ProService suggest that retention be the first priority. Otherwise, your best employees will be recruited away and you’ll spend your time and resources filling their shoes.

What keeps great employees around? “Employees are looking for better communication, more complete training, fresh skill sets, and opportunities for growth within the company. We work closely with our clients to help them grow their people and keep them thrilled about where they work. There is a tremendous opportunity in retention, and we encourage employers to invest heavily in this area. It will pay rich dividends,” says Godsey.

#2: Workers’ compensation costs will rise. The good news is that the economy is expanding, but many employers aren’t prepared for the rising workers’ compensation costs and increased number of claims that will go along with this trend. This shift is driven by both an increase in inexperienced employees that haven’t received the necessary safety training as well as the duration a claim stays open without resolution.

“Creating a proactive safety culture along with proper claims management is critical” says Nelson Befitel, Chief Counsel at ProService. “We predict this area will become a major concern for small businesses in the next year or so. Workers’ compensation costs were down the past few years, but are starting to kick back up and accelerate. Our focus is on cost management for the long term to ensure clients are not only prepared for changes in the workforce today but also changes in the local economy tomorrow.”

15-Feb-HB-HR360-03#3: The Affordable Care Act—the bill is coming due. “With the federal credits and grants expiring soon there will be increased pressure for government and businesses to work together in determining how the ACA, and the Hawaii Pre-Paid Healthcare Act best support the healthcare needs of Hawaii.



It is critical to protect Hawaii’s small businesses from being burdened with additional cost that will hamper growth,” says Godsey, acknowledging that ProService clients are relatively protected since, in essence, they enjoy the purchasing power of a large company (ProService represents more than 20,000 employees). “We also work with our clients to improve the health of their workforce,’ Godsey continues. “And those initiatives will pay off over the long-term.”


“Employees are looking for better communication, more complete training, fresh skill sets, and opportunities for growth within the company. We work closely with our clients to help them grow their people and keep them thrilled about where they work. There is a tremendous opportunity in retention, and we encourage employers to invest heavily in this area. It will pay rich dividends”


-Ben Godsey, CEO
ProService Hawaii

No matter which industry you happen to be in, these three HR issues will impact your business in 2015. To make sure your people are your greatest strength—not a liability—pay attention to the trends that affect their job satisfaction, health, and productivity. It will make all the difference in the success of your business.

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Meet the Challenges of Change in Successful Organizations
By: Kathryn K. Inkinen

Information technology has put pressures on organizations to be more competitive, agile and customer focused. Companies translate employee productivity to their bottom line. Success in this information age focuses on new patterns of work in organizations.

Employers are looking for cognitive competence. This means employees need to know more to do their jobs and also work effectively with others on teams. They need to have the ability to see various perspectives and be innovative. Continuous education and learning must be priorities.

Employees need to be collaborative with each other and satisfy customers. Conflict resolution and negotiation skills are essential. Sharing information and developing trust amongst coworkers develop into newer and better ideas and results for the company. Superior customer service is essential in this competitive environment.

There will be less hierarchical structure and reporting structures will be blurred. Rather than complying with rules and regulations and direction from superiors, employees need to be committed to organizational goals and mission. Employees will be given and need to accept more decision making authority and accountability.

Organizations want people who adapt quickly and do not resist change. Companies that are lean, agile and quick to respond clearly have the edge for success.  Employees need to have a strong sense of urgency and accelerated action that result in positive outcomes for the company.

In the fast paced, technological economy of today, there is one guarantee.  That is constant change.  Embrace change as an opportunity for success.  For those companies and employees who position themselves to take responsibility for their future success, meeting the challenge of change will be rewarding.

“According to a Pricewaterhouse Cooper study, using in-house payroll, HR administration, time & attendance, and health & wellness solutions increases “total cost of ownership” by 18% on average.”

15-Feb-HB-Proservice-01Hawaii business owners know that HR administration is getting more complex year after year.  It’s a challenge to keep up with the changing costs and new regulations  of healthcare and workers’ comp. The time-consuming and detail-intensive paperwork required can distract you from your focus on growth for your business and your employees.

As a locally-run business, ProService Hawaii understands the pressure Hawaii business owners face.  Today, we partner with over 1,200 Hawaii businesses to support more than 20,000 employees statewide with HR services such as healthcare, payroll processing, and  workers’ compensation programs to name a few.
Why are businesses partnering with ProService Hawaii?

It’s because of the dedicated people we have on staff who:
•  Make HR easy
•  Save you money
•  Train and develop your people
•  Take care of your employees

If you are ready to get re-focused on your business, we can help. Request your free HR evaluation online at  or call (808) 725-6888.




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