5 Steps To Email Marketing

Smart email marketing makes the difference between emails that are read and those that go straight to the trash. Damian Davila, online marketing consultant and CEO ofIdaconcpts.com, explains how to make it work:
1) Short and focused

Content is crucial, but your customers will only keep reading if your messages are short and focused. Direct them to your website for additional information. Make sure the first thing they see is what’s most important.
2) Provide value

It’s not just about pushing products and services. Customers return if they receive valuable information that they can use; after all, their big question is, “What’s in it for me?”
3) Respect readers

As an email marketer, you need to give your customers a clear and transparent way to contact you. Once this permission is granted, don’t abuse it: Never sell your email list to other vendors, always allow for easy, one-click unsubscription and respect anyone’s decision to unsubscribe from your email list. No means no.
4) Share community and success

More people will want to do business with you if you show your support for the community and encourage clients to do so, too. Combine that with short success stories and you have an engaging email that people will want to read.
5) Connect with readers

Make your email messages personal, ask for feedback, provide various channels for communication, thank readers for giving you a job and tell them how you are making their experience better.

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