Locally Owned, Locally Committed. A Respected, Relevant and Engaging Resource for Hawaii’s Business Community. Established in 1955, Hawaii Business is the longest-running regional business magazine in America.

In addition to its website and social media platforms, Hawaii Business publishes a monthly magazine. Our articles focus on the big issues affecting Hawaii’s economy and businesses, including jobs, profit and loss, education, housing and much more.

We also aim to be useful to our readers by providing information that helps their companies succeed and helps people advance their careers. Our stories are supplemented by dynamic photography, design and infographics.

Over the past two years, Hawaii Business has won more awards than any other organization from the Society of Professional Journalists Hawaii chapter — the state’s most prestigious journalism competition. We have also won many national awards: In 2014, we won two first-place awards and one runner-up award in a national competition that included business publications based in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and all the major markets in America.