We Asked 396 Business Leaders: Is Your Company Flourishing or Surviving?

BOSS Survey shows more companies are doing well despite hiring problems and a sharp rise in vendor prices.
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What are Your Company’s Prospects Over the Next Two Years?
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*dnk: do not know or did not answer


What’s the Condition of Your Business?

The owners and executives of businesses with fewer than 10 employees were most likely to say “barely surviving” – 18% of them said that. Not one company with over 100 employees gave that description.

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*dnk: Did not know or did not answer



Is it Harder to Hire Than Before the Pandemic?

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Did Your Vendors Raise Prices More This Year Compared to Previous Years?

Two groups disproportionately suffered from big price increases by their vendors this year:

  • Retail companies (68% of that group).
  • Neighbor Island businesses (65%).


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Did You Raise Prices on Your Products and Services?

08 22 Feature Boss 2 539% : That’s how many of the retail companies surveyed raised prices quite a bit.





What Has Been the Impact of Higher Gasoline Prices?

We asked business leaders: How have gas prices impacted your company? In a separate poll, we asked the general public about the impact of higher gas prices on their personal finances.

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  • Only 27% of Neighbor Island companies say they were not impacted by rising fuel costs.
  • Among the general public, two overlapping groups disproportionately say they have been severely harmed by high gasoline prices: people in households making less than $50,000 a year (33% of that group) and people with children (30%).



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