Hawai‘i’s People Describe the Climate Changes They Are Seeing

The BOSS Survey interviewed 433 business representatives statewide; the 808 Poll reached 473 adult members of the general public statewide

In both surveys, people were asked which of these descriptions of man-made climate change best reflects their thinking.

Percentages don’t always add to 100 due to rounding. | DK/RTA: Don’t know/Refused to answer

In the poll of the general public, among the major ethnic groups Caucasians (12%) were most likely to say that climate change is a hoax. Just 3% of Native Hawaiians say climate change is a hoax, the lowest rate among the major ethnic groups.

Then respondents in both surveys were asked what specific examples of local climate change they had witnessed. They could choose as many examples as they had witnessed.

In both surveys, Neighbor Island respondents were more likely to notice increased drought conditions than those on O‘ahu:

Among the General Public

People born and raised in Hawai‘i (90%) were more likely to notice increased temperatures than people who moved here (81%). Locals (50%) were also more likely to note rising sea levels than transplants (29%).

Individuals in both surveys were then asked: What, if anything, are you personally doing to reduce climate change? They could choose as many examples as applied.

The Research Division of the Anthology Marketing Group conducted both surveys for Hawaii Business Magazine.

Find methodologies at hawaiibusiness.com/pollmethod2020.

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