Make a Few Healthy Decisions to Support Hawaii Non-profits this Holiday Season [Sponsored]

Sharecare, HMSA and Blue Zones Project want you to FEEL GOOD while DOING GOOD.

They are donating up to five hundred thousand dollars to five Hawaii non-profits and YOU can help! Here’s how:

Step 1: Click here to download the Sharecare app

Step 2: Create an Account

Step 3: Take the RealAge® Test to find out the true age of your body

With every RealAge Test completion, in Hawaii through November 30, 2018, $5 will be donated to local charities. The funds generated will be given to Helping Hands Hawaii, Special Olympics Hawaii, Kokua Hawaii Foundation, Keiki O Ka Aina and Make-A-Wish Hawaii.

Kokua Hawaii Foundation’s AINA in Schools program connects keiki to the land, water and produce to grow a healthier Hawaii. You can support them by downloading the Sharecare app!

All you have to do is download the Sharecare app and start using it! The app is designed to track your wellness and provide a resource for a healthy life, lived to the fullest. From counting the number of steps you take to personalized content, recipes and health challenges – the Sharecare app will encourage you to make healthy choices daily!

Once you download the app, be sure to take the RealAge test. After answering a few questions, the app will tell you the “Real Age” of the body you’re living in. With every RealAge test completion in Hawaii, five dollars will be donated to non-profits. Plus, for every healthy day you log in the app – we call them GREEN DAYS – another dollar will be donated. So click here, download Sharecare and start to FEEL GOOD while DOING GOOD for your community.

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