How Hawaii’s Beach Waters Rank

Was Your Beach Tested?

The state uses a tiered system based on risk to determine which beach waters to sample for bacteria.

Tier 1: These beaches take priority because they are heavily used and have factors that could influence higher bacteria counts, such as nearby streams and storm drains. Tested at least once a week.

Tier 2: These are average beaches. Tested at least five times a year.

Tier 3: These are beaches with generally good water quality, have no steams entering the area and are located far from human population centers, so they have little human activity. Tested once a year.

Here are the beaches tested in 2015 and in which tier they are placed:


HI616452 Big Island 2nd Beach (next to Mahaiula) 2
HI707059 Big Island Ahalanui Pond (Pu’ala’a Bch Pk) 1
HI326172 Big Island Anaeho’omalu Bay 1
HI713314 Big Island Banyan’s Surfing Area 2
HI977673 Big Island Coconut Island Park 2
HI138086 Big Island Hakalau Co. Pk. 2
HI621002 Big Island Hapuna Beach St. Rec. Area 2
HI908102 Big Island Heeia 3
HI315019 Big Island Hilo Bayfront 1
HI582331 Big Island Holoholokai 2
HI246645 Big Island Honaunau Bay 2
HI315174 Big Island Honokohau Beach 3
HI857411 Big Island Honoli’i Beach Co. Park 1
HI831766 Big Island Honomalino Bay 3
HI152572 Big Island Ho’okena 2
HI659453 Big Island Ice Pond (single point) 2
HI670326 Big Island Isaac Hale Beach Co. Pk. 3
HI670254 Big Island James Kealoha Park 1
HI107517 Big Island Ka Lae (South Point) 2
HI013290 Big Island Kahalu’u Beach Co. Pk. 1
HI753566 Big Island Kailua Bay 1
HI377322 Big Island Kalahiki Beach 3
HI542822 Big Island Kalapana Beach (new) (Harry K. Brown Beach Co. Pk.) 2
HI261474 Big Island Kamakaokahonu 1
HI602472 Big Island Kamoa Pt. (Lyman’s) 3
HI871399 Big Island Kapa’a Beach Co. Pk. 3
HI391407 Big Island Kapoho Bay 2
HI122881 Big Island Kapoho Tidepools (Vacationland) 2
HI627359 Big Island Kapu’a Bay 3
HI261869 Big Island Kauna’oa Beach 2
HI770607 Big Island Ka’upulehu 3
HI535602 Big Island Kawa Bay 3
HI978783 Big Island Kawaihae Harbor 2
HI713293 Big Island Keahou Bay (Kona) 2
HI514168 Big Island Kealia Beach 3
HI849313 Big Island Keaukaha Beach Park 2
HI929053 Big Island Keawaiki 3
HI858729 Big Island Ke’ei 3
HI459942 Big Island Kehena 2
HI784200 Big Island Keokea Beach Co. Pk. 3
HI559410 Big Island Keone’ele Cove 3
HI331785 Big Island Kiholo Bay 3
HI693485 Big Island Kolekole Beach Co. Park 2
HI887804 Big Island Kuki’o 3
HI490010 Big Island Lapakahi St. Hist. Park 3
HI380623 Big Island Laupahoehoe Beach Co. Park 2
HI691720 Big Island Lehia Beach Co. Pk. 2
HI540868 Big Island Leleiwi Beach Co. Pk. 1
HI694255 Big Island Mahai’ula Bay 3
HI273526 Big Island Mahukona Beach Co. Pk. 3
HI901744 Big Island Makalawena 3
HI223059 Big Island Makole’a Beach 3
HI379764 Big Island Manini Point Co. Pk. 3
HI720408 Big Island Manini’owali 2
HI647110 Big Island Manuka Bay 3
HI890924 Big Island Mauna Lani (Kalahuipua’a) 2
HI120357 Big Island Mau’umae Beach 3
HI470112 Big Island Miloli’i Beach 2
HI588578 Big Island Napo’apo’o Beach Co. Pk. 3
HI124561 Big Island Ninole 2
HI143737 Big Island Ohai’ula Beach 2
HI691739 Big Island Old Kona Airport (Pawai) 3
HI256093 Big Island Old Kona Airport St. Rec. Area 3
HI862286 Big Island Onekahakaha Beach Co. Pk. 1
HI935352 Big Island Pahoehoe Beach Co. Pk. 3
HI738158 Big Island Pelekane Bay 2
HI320616 Big Island Pine Trees 2
HI316864 Big Island Pohoiki Beach 2
HI227694 Big Island Pohue Bay 3
HI183806 Big Island Pololu Valley 3
HI668132 Big Island Puako 1
HI930479 Big Island Pueo Bay 3
HI224651 Big Island Punalu’u 2
HI478461 Big Island Pu’uhonua Pt. (Pu’u o Honaunau) 2
HI425303 Big Island Radio Bay 2
HI254097 Big Island Reeds Bay Park 3
HI936372 Big Island Spencer Beach Co. Pk. 2
HI754307 Big Island Wai’ahukini 3
HI381812 Big Island Waialea Bay 3
HI534434 Big Island Waipi’o Bay 2
HI934020 Big Island Waiulaula 2
HI643938 Big Island Wawaloli Beach 2
HI436267 Big Island White Sands Beach Co. Pk. (Magic Sands) 2
HI720900 Big Island Whittington Beach Co. Pk. 2
HI710019 Kauai Aliomanu Beach 3
HI270737 Kauai Anahola Beach 2
HI338804 Kauai Anini Beach 2
HI418744 Kauai Anini Beach Park 3
HI156238 Kauai Beach House Beach 2
HI891354 Kauai Black Pot Beach Park 3
HI166521 Kauai Brennecke Beach 2
HI853903 Kauai Donkey Park 3
HI976083 Kauai Gillin’s Beach 3
HI949505 Kauai Glass Beach 3
HI554189 Kauai Ha’ena Beach Co. Park 2
HI385259 Kauai Hanalei Beach Co. Park 1
HI352580 Kauai Hanama’ulu Beach Co. Park 2
HI277808 Kauai Haula Beach 3
HI533519 Kauai Kahili Beach 3
HI758685 Kauai Kalapaki Beach 1
HI264001 Kauai Kalihiwai Bay 2
HI972832 Kauai Kapa’a Beach Co. Park 2
HI669328 Kauai Kaupea Beach (Secret Beach) 3
HI698776 Kauai Kawailoa Beach 3
HI402035 Kauai Kealia 2
HI124511 Kauai Ke’e Beach 2
HI530569 Kauai Kekaha Beach Co. Pk. 2
HI344813 Kauai Kepuhi Beach 3
HI119207 Kauai Kikiaola Beach 3
HI471488 Kauai Kilauea Pt. Nat. Wildlife Ref. 3
HI266627 Kauai Kipu Kai 3
HI955435 Kauai Koloa Landing 2
HI619039 Kauai Kukui’ula Bay 3
HI860960 Kauai Larsens Beach 3
HI434882 Kauai Lawa’i Kai 3
HI862821 Kauai Lucy Wright Beach Co. Park 3
HI889639 Kauai Lumaha’i Beach 2
HI798758 Kauai Lydgate State Park 1
HI547745 Kauai Moloa’a Bay 3
HI709808 Kauai Na Pali Coast State Park 3
HI953916 Kauai Niumalu Beach Park 3
HI502794 Kauai Nukoli’I Beach Park 2
HI176480 Kauai Pacific Missile Range Facility 3
HI468251 Kauai Pakala (Makaweli) 2
HI665178 Kauai Palama Beach (Nomilu) 3
HI130639 Kauai Papa’a Bay 3
HI363048 Kauai Pila’a Beach 3
HI396850 Kauai Po’ipu Beach Co. Park 1
HI247403 Kauai Polihale State Park 2
HI646762 Kauai Port Allen 3
HI742228 Kauai Prince Kuhio Park 3
HI520271 Kauai Princeville 3
HI701008 Kauai Salt Pond Beach Co. Park 1
HI542569 Kauai Sheraton Beach 2
HI358435 Kauai Shipwreck Beach 2
HI951651 Kauai Spouting Horn Beach Co. Park 3
HI936087 Kauai Tunnels Beach 3
HI179708 Kauai Wahiawa Bay 3
HI505816 Kauai Waiakalua Iki Beach 3
HI371632 Kauai Waiakalua Nui Beach 3
HI330114 Kauai Waikoko Bay 3
HI606168 Kauai Wailua Beach 2
HI245235 Kauai Waimea Rec. Pier St. Pk. 2
HI417823 Kauai Wainiha Bay 3
HI392082 Kauai Wai’ohai Beach 3
HI836118 Kauai Wai’oli Beach Park 2
HI682678 Kauai Waipouli 3
HI297944 Lanai Halepalaoa Beach 3
HI126591 Lanai Hulopo’e Beach Park 3
HI801428 Lanai Kahemano Beach 3
HI923988 Lanai Kaunolu Bay 3
HI854690 Lanai Keomuku Beach 3
HI735036 Lanai Lopa Beach 3
HI615699 Lanai Manele Bay 3
HI225961 Lanai Naha Beach 3
HI845453 Lanai Polihua Beach 3
HI579345 Lanai Pu’u Pehe Cove 3
HI362906 Lanai Shipwreck Beach 3
HI879646 Maui Ahihi-kina’u Natural Area Reserve 3
HI616569 Maui Alaeloa Beach 3
HI839739 Maui Awalua Beach 3
HI525524 Maui Father Jules Papa 3
HI253548 Maui Fleming Beach North 2
HI846900 Maui H.P. Baldwin Beach Co. Pk. 2
HI287670 Maui Hamoa 3
HI996835 Maui Hana Bay 2
HI797917 Maui Hanaka’o’o Beach Co. Pk. 1
HI553820 Maui Hata’s 2
HI229021 Maui Honokeana Bay 3
HI432902 Maui Honokohau Bay 3
HI412391 Maui Honokowai Beach Co. Pk. 2
HI280286 Maui Honolua Bay 2
HI984456 Maui Honomanu Bay 2
HI985873 Maui Ho’okipa Beach Co. Pk. 2
HI901232 Maui H-Poko Papa 3
HI385800 Maui Huakini Bay 2
HI643627 Maui Ka’anapali 2
HI280920 Maui Kahalui Harbor 1
HI160433 Maui Kahana 2
HI432263 Maui Kaihalulu Bay 3
HI641844 Maui Ka’ili’ili Beach 3
HI705118 Maui Kalama Beach Co. Park 2
HI647373 Maui Kalepolepo Beach 2
HI761092 Maui Kama’ole Beach 1 1
HI097179 Maui Kama’ole Beach 2 (Ili’iliholo Beach) 2
HI496115 Maui Kama’ole Beach 3 1
HI797225 Maui Kanaha Beach Co. Park 1
HI404881 Maui Kanaio Beach 3
HI391006 Maui Kapalua (Fleming’s) Beach 2
HI599968 Maui Kapoli Beach Co. Park 3
HI593477 Maui Kea’a Beach 3
HI959746 Maui Ke’anae 3
HI607763 Maui Keawakapu Beach 2
HI199865 Maui Keonenui Beach 3
HI650469 Maui Koki Beach Park (VFW) 3
HI276573 Maui Ku’au Bay 2
HI852861 Maui Kuiaha Bay 3
HI674004 Maui La Perouse Bay 3
HI407363 Maui Lahaina Beach 2
HI558359 Maui Launiupoko St. Wayside 1
HI884223 Maui Leho’ula Beach 3
HI864937 Maui Lower Pa’ia 2
HI058731 Maui Ma’alaea Beach 1
HI715975 Maui Mai Poina ‘Oe la’u Beach Co. Pk. 2
HI978171 Maui Maka’alae Pt. 3
HI245556 Maui Makena Landing Beach 2
HI423064 Maui Maliko Bay 2
HI847607 Maui Malu’aka Beach 2
HI482300 Maui Mantokuji Bay 3
HI227321 Maui McGregor Pt. 3
HI861961 Maui Mokapu Beach Park 2
HI519980 Maui Mokulau 3
HI977299 Maui Mokule’ia Beach 2
HI983172 Maui Nahiku 3
HI764060 Maui Napili Bay 2
HI176594 Maui Nu’u Bay 3
HI491359 Maui Olowalu 2
HI740710 Maui Oneloa Bay Beach 2
HI279887 Maui Oneloa Beach (Big Beach) 2
HI756040 Maui Oneuli Beach 2
HI997014 Maui Palauea Beach Park 2
HI462219 Maui Papalaua 2
HI463097 Maui Paukukalo Beach 3
HI136430 Maui Pepeiaolepo Bay 3
HI339656 Maui Polo Beach Park 2
HI684864 Maui Po’olenalena Beach 2
HI167153 Maui Puamana Beach Co. Park 2
HI641109 Maui Punalau 3
HI157533 Maui Pu’u ola’i (Small Beach) 2
HI373055 Maui Pu’unoa Beach 2
HI789952 Maui Spreckelsville 1
HI765340 Maui St. Theresa’s 1
HI814309 Maui Ukumehame Beach Co. Pk. 2
HI588333 Maui Ulua Beach Park 2
HI169380 Maui Wahikuli State Wayside Park 2
HI118874 Maui Wai’anapanapa State Park 2
HI916183 Maui Waiehu Beach Co. Park 2
HI343702 Maui Waihe’e Beach Co. Park 2
HI796679 Maui Waikoloa Beach 3
HI278988 Maui Wailea Beach Park 1
HI236756 Maui Waimaha’ihai Beach 3
HI284036 Maui Waipulani 2
HI702920 Molokai Awahua Beach 3
HI571680 Molokai Fagans Beach 3
HI928793 Molokai Halawa Beach Park 3
HI417163 Molokai Halena Beach 3
HI783671 Molokai Honouli Malo’o 3
HI376731 Molokai Honouli Wai 3
HI618345 Molokai Iliopi’i Beach 3
HI191374 Molokai Kahalepohaku Beach 3
HI939514 Molokai Kakahai’a Beach Park 3
HI923737 Molokai Kamaka’ipo Beach 3
HI559049 Molokai Kanalukaha Beach 3
HI941577 Molokai Kapukahehu Beach 3
HI565164 Molokai Kapukuwahine Beach 3
HI726225 Molokai Kaunala Beach 3
HI481092 Molokai Kaupoa Beach 3
HI384043 Molokai Kawa’aloa Bay 3
HI114962 Molokai Kawakiu Bay (Nui) 3
HI287930 Molokai Kepuhi Beach 3
HI206014 Molokai Kiowea Park (Kamehameha Coconut Grove) 3
HI928768 Molokai Kolo Wharf 3
HI934213 Molokai Lighthouse Beach 3
HI204811 Molokai Mo’omomi Beach 3
HI138494 Molokai Murphy Beach Park 3
HI904462 Molokai Oneali’I Beach Park 3
HI301825 Molokai Papaloa Beach 3
HI556777 Molokai Papohaku Beach 3
HI443237 Molokai Pelekunu 3
HI268134 Molokai Pohaku Mauliuli Beach 3
HI454004 Molokai Po’olau Beach 3
HI665969 Molokai Puko’o 3
HI329518 Molokai Sandy Beach 3
HI603285 Molokai Wailau 3
HI882094 Oahu Ala Moana Beach Co. Park, Center 1
HI306071 Oahu Ala Moana Beach Co. Park, D.H. 1
HI702973 Oahu Ala Moana Beach Co. Park, Ewa 2
HI145110 Oahu Aukai Beach Co. Park 3
HI908378 Oahu Banzai 3
HI593573 Oahu Barbers Point Beach Co. Pk. 3
HI798011 Oahu Bellows Field Beach Co. Pk. 2
HI309544 Oahu Camp Harold Erdman 2
HI950962 Oahu Chun’s Reef 1
HI544313 Oahu Diamond Head 2
HI531535 Oahu Ehukai Beach Co. Pk. 3
HI767464 Oahu Ewa Beach 3
HI045715 Oahu Fort DeRussy Beach 2
HI555850 Oahu Fort DeRussy Beach Park 2
HI410735 Oahu Fort Hase Beach 3
HI767754 Oahu Fort Kamehameha Beach 3
HI941499 Oahu Gray’s Beach 2
HI451176 Oahu Hale’iwa Ali’i Beach Co. Pk. 1
HI994019 Oahu Hale’iwa Beach Co. Pk. 3
HI132946 Oahu Halona Cove 2
HI646411 Oahu Hanaka’ilio Beach 3
HI451471 Oahu Hanauma Bay 1
HI854492 Oahu Hau’ula Beach Co. Park 2
HI628972 Oahu Hawaiian Electric Beach Park 3
HI927925 Oahu He’eia 2
HI815093 Oahu Ihilani Honu 3
HI515191 Oahu Ihilani Kohola 1
HI685981 Oahu Ihilani Naia 3
HI550240 Oahu Ihilani Ulua 3
HI412839 Oahu Iroquois Pt. 3
HI580360 Oahu Ka’a’awa Beach Co. Park 2
HI253930 Oahu Ka’alawai Beach 2
HI645485 Oahu Ka’ena Pt. 3
HI514582 Oahu Kahala 2
HI173325 Oahu Kahala Hilton Beach 2
HI759491 Oahu Kahana Bay 3
HI366432 Oahu Kahanamoku Beach 1
HI548986 Oahu Kahe Pt. Beach Co. Pk. 2
HI989341 Oahu Kahuku Golf Course 3
HI585092 Oahu Kaiaka 3
HI668562 Oahu Kaihalulu Beach 3
HI482719 Oahu Kailua Beach Co. Pk. 1
HI446787 Oahu 3
HI234342 Oahu Kaiona Beach Co. Park 3
HI787959 Oahu Kaipapa’u Beach 2
HI302297 Oahu Kakaako Waterfront 3
HI860454 Oahu Kalae’o’io Beach Co. Park 3
HI071892 Oahu Kalama Beach 2
HI353985 Oahu Kaloko (Queens) Beach 3
HI391176 Oahu Kaluahole Beach 3
HI410842 Oahu Kaluanui Beach 2
HI196120 Oahu Kanenelu Beach 3
HI272280 Oahu Kane’ohe Bay 3
HI904851 Oahu Kapaeloa Beach 2
HI733929 Oahu Kapi’olani Park 2
HI622160 Oahu Kaunala Beach 3
HI791127 Oahu Kaupo Beach Co. Park 3
HI304424 Oahu Kawaiku’i Beach Park 2
HI312049 Oahu Kawailoa Beach 3
HI698581 Oahu Kawela Bay 2
HI730738 Oahu Kea’au Beach Co. Park 3
HI612698 Oahu Kealia Beach 2
HI757588 Oahu Ke’ehi Lagoon 2
HI147970 Oahu Koke’e Beach Park 2
HI467112 Oahu Koko Kai Beach Park 2
HI767708 Oahu Kokololio Beach 2
HI848207 Oahu Kualoa Co. Regional Park 1
HI484535 Oahu Kualoa Sugar Mill Beach 3
HI681782 Oahu Kuhio Beach Park 1
HI431723 Oahu Kuilei Cliffs Beach Park 3
HI412224 Oahu Kuilima Cove 3
HI360513 Oahu Kuli’ou’ou 2
HI930562 Oahu Laenani Beach Co. Park 2
HI472847 Oahu Laie Beach Co. Park 3
HI183312 Oahu Laniakea Beach 2
HI596989 Oahu Lanikai 2
HI201901 Oahu Laniloa Peninsula (Beach) 3
HI739818 Oahu Laukinui Beach 3
HI800877 Oahu Lualualei Beach Co. Park 2
HI529142 Oahu Magic Island Beach 1
HI627464 Oahu Ma’ili Beach Co. Park 1
HI280966 Oahu Maipalaoa Beach 3
HI632106 Oahu Makaha Beach Co. Park 1
HI147212 Oahu Makao Beach 3
HI723399 Oahu Makapu’u Beach Co. Park 1
HI542752 Oahu Makaua Beach Co. Park 3
HI915061 Oahu Makua Beach 3
HI137325 Oahu Malaekahana Bay 2
HI717740 Oahu Manner’s Beach 3
HI639551 Oahu Mauna Lahilahi Beach Co. Pk. 3
HI423413 Oahu Maunalua Bay 3
HI430267 Oahu Maunalua Bay Beach Park 2
HI908786 Oahu Mokule’ia Beach 3
HI504242 Oahu Nanaikapono Beach 3
HI467413 Oahu Nanakuli Beach Co. Pk. 1
HI682233 Oahu Nimitz Beach 3
HI157026 Oahu Niu 2
HI426406 Oahu North Beach 3
HI731423 Oahu Ohikilolo Beach(Barking Sands) 3
HI952205 Oahu Oneawa Beach 2
HI825419 Oahu One’ula Beach Co. Park 3
HI943325 Oahu Outrigger Canoe Club Beach 2
HI575467 Oahu Pahipahi’alua Beach 2
HI598745 Oahu Paiko Lagoon 2
HI478834 Oahu Papa’iloa Beach 2
HI990625 Oahu Papaoneone Beach 3
HI188157 Oahu Pipeline, The 2
HI197311 Oahu Point Panic 3
HI659533 Oahu Poka’i Bay Beach Co. Pk. 1
HI587568 Oahu Pounders Beach 3
HI148836 Oahu Punalu’u Beach Co. Park 2
HI193495 Oahu Pupukea Beach Co. Pk. 3
HI437024 Oahu Pu’uiki 3
HI960731 Oahu Pu’uohulu Beach 3
HI851298 Oahu Queen’s Surf Beach Park 2
HI898947 Oahu Royal-Moana Beach 1
HI714359 Oahu Sand Island 3
HI776760 Oahu Sandy Beach Co. Park 1
HI617815 Oahu Sans Souci St. Rec. Area 1
HI860544 Oahu Sunset Beach 1
HI151343 Oahu Swanzy Beach Co. Park 3
HI248913 Oahu Tongg’s Beach 2
HI776670 Oahu Turtle Bay 3
HI784010 Oahu Ulehawa Beach Co. Park 2
HI968326 Oahu Waiahole Beach Co. Park 2
HI997368 Oahu Wai’alae Beach Co. Park 2
HI109657 Oahu Waiale’e 2
HI944962 Oahu Wai’anae Kai Military Reservation Beach 3
HI668527 Oahu Wai’anae Regional Park 3
HI244505 Oahu Waikiki Beach Center 2
HI432476 Oahu Wailupe Beach Park 2
HI279194 Oahu Waimanalo Bay St. Rec. Area 2
HI471097 Oahu Waimanalo Beach Co. Park 1
HI696599 Oahu Waimea Bay Beach Co. Pk. 1
HI329454 Oahu Wawamalu Beach Park 3
HI267023 Oahu White Plains Beach 1
HI269028 Oahu Yokohama Bay 3


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