Leadership – July 13, 2018

Leadership Conference 2018

Today and Tomorrow’s Trends: AI, Robots, and Automation

AI, Robots & Automation – Presented by Jay Andrews, Head of Marketing, Oceanit

James (Jay) Andrews the Head of Marketing at Oceanit. He is responsible for all of Oceanit’s marketing communications, digital presence, advertising, public relations, and scientific communication. Jay has 10 years of experience in digital media agencies around the world; focused on digital content strategy, media planning, marketing, and digital amplification.\

Prior to Oceanit, Jay began his career at a traditional advertising firm in Denver, Colorado before joining a Boulder-based digital marketing startup, Intela. In 2010 Jay joined the firm’s new office in London, UK to focus on European client growth.  Jay remained in Europe working at several media agencies including the PR firm Edelman, based out of their Frankfurt, DE offices.

Jay’s work has included media and digital communications campaigns for some of the world’s most recognizable brands like Volkswagen, GSK, Novartis, MSD/Merck, Huggies, eBay, PG Tips, Yahoo, Marriott, and Amazon Prime.

Jay graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in Architecture & Environmental Design in 2007.


Generational Trends – Presented by Ken Gilbert, Senior Consultant & Partner, Business Consulting Resources, Inc.

Under Ken’s leadership, Business Consulting Resources has consulted with well over 400 Hawaii companies in diverse areas including strategic planning, succession planning, strategic partnering, financial management, human resources, mergers and acquisitions, commercial real estate, new business development, career transition coaching and leadership development. As Hawaii’s premier Family Business Consultant, Ken is the past Chair of the Advisory Board of the Family Business Center of Hawaii, which is one of the top-ranked family business centers in the U.S. He is equally known as a Life Coach, notably guiding individual clients of all ages in creating Life Plans, which give them a road map for achieving their life goals and dreams.



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