Merging Visions Roundtable – Podcast

A multigenerational panel discusses the value of Millennials, innovation, sharing power and responsibility, and how to solve the “real wicked problems” Hawaii faces.

Mahalo to our Merging Visions partners for helping make this conversation possible: Cades Schutte LLP, Hawaiian Telcom and Kaiser Permanente Hawaii.


PeterHo_mvheadshotPeter Ho, 51
Chairman, President and CEO, Bank of Hawaii.


MeliJ_mvheadshotMelialani James, 38
President, Hawaii Venture Capital Association, and Head of New Ventures, Sultan Ventures.


JKomeiji_mvheadshotJohn Komeiji, 62
Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, Hawaiian Telcom.


Colbert_mvheadshotColbert Matsumoto, 63
Executive Chairman of the Board, Island Insurance.


Nobriga_mvheadshotRobert Nobriga, 42
(former) Executive VP and CFO, The Queen’s Health Systems.
(current) CFO, American Savings Bank


Ginny_mvheadshotVirginia Pressler, 67
Director of the State Department of Health.


Kawika_mvheadshotKawika Riley, 33
Chief Advocate of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.


Velasco_mvheadshotNicole Velasco, 30
Executive Director, Office of Economic Development, City & County of Honolulu.


Steve_mvheadshotBaby Boomer Moderator – Steve Petranik, 59
Editor, Hawaii Business magazine


Ito_mvheadshotMillennial Moderator – Daniel Ikaika Ito, 34
Digital Media Director, Hawaii Business magazine


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