BOSS Survey of Hawaii Business Leaders Asks About New Employees

The BOSS survey presented local business leaders with four negative characteristics of new employees and potential recruits. They were asked which characteristic impacted their companies the most.*

Lack of reliability 40%
Unmotivated 18%
Leave company too soon 18%
Don’t know/None of these 11%
Can’t focus on the job 4%
Don’t need new employees/Not an issue 8%


The same business leaders were presented with four positive characteristics and asked which was the biggest asset of recent hires.

Willing to try anything/flexible 58%
Ability to cope with change 12%
Can handle digital apps and related tasks 11%
Lots of energy 7%
Don’t know/None of these 12%


Business leaders were asked if they expect any existing jobs at their company to be outsourced in the next five years.*

No jobs will be outsourced 82%
Yes, a few jobs 14%
Yes, many jobs 2%
Don’t know/Refused to answer 1%




Climate Change

Business leaders were asked if their companies were doing anything to address climate change.

No 70%
Yes 28%
No Answer 2%


Those who said their companies were addressing climate change were presented with a list of measures and asked to select those that directly applied to them. Some people selected more than one measure.

Increasing energy and water efficiencies 25%
Updating material and infrastructure to cope with climate change 23%
New product innovation 23%
Conducting risk screening 16%
Changing investment portfolio strategy 10%
Lobbying for policy support 8%


What’s new with The BOSS

In the past, Hawaii Business has published the results of each BOSS survey in a single issue. We will now publish parts of the BOSS in each issue of the magazine, beginning with results that are most time sensitive. Look for one or two pages of BOSS insights in every issue of Hawaii Business and regularly at

*Percentages don’t always add up to 100 because of rounding.

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