Parting Shot: Folding at United Laundry Service


10:38 am, Friday
United Laundry Service
Photo: David Croxford

>> At United Laundry Service, employees and machines work together to process 18,000 pounds of laundry every hour, including 12,000 sheets, according to president and CEO Vicky Cayetano. When the laundry opened in 1988, the company could handle less than 1,000 pounds an hour with 25 employees. Now, it has 400 employees providing laundry services for 12 Hawaii hospitals and about 40 hotels, including a new customer, the Disney Aulani resort. United Laundry developed a unique system of color coding carts for each customer, says Cayetano. Once folded, items go into their carts for return to their respective locations.

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