Business Trends – November 11, 2020

ScoopUSA Seeks Hawaii Commercial Real Estate & Businesses to Satisfy Japanese Demand


Get featured in December 5 Hawaii Ni Sumo webinar

Japanese investors are eager to diversify their investment and assets into Hawaii and the US mainland markets which promise better long-term performance rather than the stagnant domestic market. Hawaii is especially attractive with the availability of commercial space and abundant labor force. Other factors driving demand include US visa opportunities, potential business mergers, and the current strength of the yen.

“At a time when uncertainty clouds the overall US economic and industry outlook, finding the right investor for your real estate or business is crucial. The Japanese investors that come through the ScoopUSA platform are better informed, qualified, more confident and eager to move forward with Hawaii opportunities put in front of them,” said ScoopUSA founder Frank Clark. “For more discreet off-market property or assets availability call me directly at (808) 285-4111.”

Recent transactions include the Hawaiiana Management Company, Ltd. with pending transactions for car rental business, office leasing, ramen and yakiniku restaurants, shopping centers, and development equity. ScoopUSA is seeking additional listings for sale and lease properties, business opportunities, restaurants, retail space and apartment buildings. 

As an industry leader in Japanese investor relationships with renown transactions Michel’s at the Colony Surf and The Kapolei Golf Course, Frank Clark and the ScoopUSA team provide valuable insights and training to prospects looking to expand into Hawaii.

For more than 2 decades, Clark and his team has traveled to Japan regularly to meet and share Hawaii opportunities with interested investors, however this year they pivoted to host online webinars in partnership with Japanese specialty publishers Hawaii Ni Sumu. Their inaugural October webinar wildly exceeded expectations with 140 qualified participants.

“Our audience’s interest in investing in Hawaii is steady and growing” said Kenji Ishida of Hawaii Ni Sumu. “We were pleasantly surprised by the demand for October’s webinar and now expect to exceed those participation levels for our upcoming webinar on December 5.” Topics will include an overview of the current state of Hawaii’s commercial real estate market, immigration, corporate and accounting insights.

ScoopUSA will be premiering a 2.0 version of its website in December. This evolved version of the dynamic platform will include a new look and added ease of navigation, creating a better overall user experience. ScoopUSA listings are shown in both Japanese and English.

ScoopUSA has also received approval to expand to China with roll-out plans to be announced soon.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote your business or properties directly to Japanese investors in our upcoming Hawaii Ni Sumu December 5th webinar by posting your listing today on ScoopUSA.com or contact us at (808)285-4111 or info@ScoopUSA.com.

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