Hawaii Business Magazine - November 2020

How Do We Adapt Together? Now and Beyond

As a COVID-19 culture emerges around the world, we are all trying to figure out how to deal with fear of the unknown, restrictions on our daily lives, and the negative effects of isolation.

Black Girls Surf

Several groups organize camps to introduce more young women of color to surfing. The long-term goal: more diversity in women’s pro surfing.

5 Steps to Biki Commutes

Biki, Honolulu's bike-share program, offers a healthy way to commute, says Todd Boulanger, executive director of Bikeshare Hawaii.

Hawai‘i's Most Charitable Companies 2020

The annual overview shows local philanthropy remained strong in 2019 – an important foundation for local charities considering the difficult challenges they face this year.

Your Office is Changing

It may look a lot different when – or if – you come back. Furniture and accessory suppliers offer advice on how to plan for those changes, and companies discuss how they are evolving operations.

State of the Unions

Hawai‘i’s workforce is more unionized than any in the country and it’s facing challenges as the pandemic disrupts tourism, government, shipping and other unionized sectors.

Planning for a Bright, Secure Future

The world has changed faster than we could have imagined, and for many, the future is full of uncertainty. See how these companies have transformed their businesses — anticipating trends and embracing innovation — to better serve their customers in…

Today's Lesson: No Wi-Fi = No Learning

Disparities in internet access have long made learning more difficult for some students, from kindergarten to college. And with students learning from home now more than ever, that digital divide has widened. Educators, nonprofits, companies and families are working on…

Hawaiʻi's Geckos Play a Positive Role in Your Home

Many eat cockroaches and ants, while others dine on spiders and centipedes. Though you may see your home as yours, geckos see it otherwise. They are often highly territorial and usually claim a part of your house as their own.

Editor's Note: My Cynicism Has Been Silenced

What was your reaction when you heard another report had been released on how to create a better future for Hawai‘i and its people? Was it the same as my initial reaction: a sigh and an eye roll? But as…

Building Hawaiʻi's Technology Sector

TRUE stands for Technology Readiness User Evaluation. The initiative started with a hypothesis: Technology-enabled, higher-wage jobs will be created if Hawai‘i can get more companies to adopt more technology. Paul Yonamine, CHANGE Economy Committee co-chair and member of the TRUE…