Belong: Creating a Supportive Culture

September 15, 2022
Uha Workwell Summit Banners 08.18.22

As the work world tries to return to normalcy after two years of COVID-19 uncertainty, leaders are looking for ways to re-engage their employees and rebuild the emotional ties that teamwork is built upon. When team members trust each other, feel emotionally connected, and share a common purpose, they collaborate wholeheartedly, unlocking the group’s full potential.

UHA’s Work Well Summit – Belong: Creating a Supportive Culture  – brought together local leaders Trini Kaopuiki Clark, Del Mochizuki and Rebecca Sandvig who shared how their companies built strong social support systems and instilled emotional connectedness throughout their organizations. The group was led by Gallup Strength Coach Raquel Kelly Hicks, Chief Human Resources Officer of Punahou School and Sr. Workplace Wellness Advisor Michael Story of UHA.

Following the discussion, Ryan Wolf, Wellbeing Lead from renowned consulting firm Gallup, delivered his keynote address on the emotional needs of employees, the science behind wellbeing and engagement, tangible steps that can be taken to create meaningful change, and what’s next for companies.

As companies move towards a distributed workforce model with employees both in-office and remote, now is the time to build a supportive company culture that gives employees a sense of belonging and connects with them on a deeper level.

Belong: Creating a Supportive Culture was held on September 15th at Prince Waikiki.



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