5 Steps to Biki Commutes

Biki, Honolulu's bike-share program, offers a healthy way to commute, says Todd Boulanger, executive director of Bikeshare Hawaii.

He says the Biki crew has focused on enhanced sanitation and cleaning of equipment and kiosks, including high-touch areas, to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Boulanger offers these tips on how to commute with Biki and save money on parking and fuel while having a fun ride.


1. Download Biki app at Apple App Store or Google Play

Use the app’s map of Biki’s 136 stations (aka “Biki Stops”) to find ones closest to your home and workplace. Bike-share is flexible: You can ride a Biki bike to work in the morning and then catch a car ride home or vice versa. If you live outside the Biki service area, you can combine a car trip with a Biki.

2. Select a Biki plan

For daily commuters, the best options are the Commuter or Voyager Plans. The $15 Commuter Plan is best for short trips, as it offers unlimited 30-minute rides each month. Choose the $25 Voyager Plan if you take longer trips, as you’ll get unlimited 60-minute rides per month. During the pandemic, Biki’s $20 Free Sprit Pass is economical for part-time workers.

3. Map your route

Check out Hawaii Bicycling League’s O‘ahu Bike Map or Google Map’s bikeway layer to plan a safe route using existing bikeways. Then, go for a trial ride to time your trip. Remember: Riding on sidewalks is not allowed in most business districts.

4. How it works

Avoid the crowds at the Biki kiosk and get a Biki member card for the fast and simple rentals. When at your starting Biki Stop, insert your Biki card into your bike’s dock or unlock a bike using the Biki app’s release code. The bike can be removed once its light is green. We recommend wearing a helmet when you ride any bicycle, though not required by law for adults.

5. Dock your Biki bike properly

Before you begin your ride, check the Biki app to make sure the Biki Stop nearest to your destination has an open dock to end your ride; if it is full, collect your 15-minute grace period and ride to the next station, which could have an opening. Once you reach that Biki Stop, return the bike by securely pushing its front wheel into the wheel dock. A flashing green light at your bike’s dock will indicate it is properly locked in place. If that does not work, try a different dock. If all fails, call customer support at 888-340-2454 during office hours.

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