Ask the Expert: Online Videos for Marketing


I feel like my business is far behind the new media and social media marketing trends. What can I do to keep up?



The best thing to do is start. New media is constantly evolving, so there’s always the chance to catch the next wave as long as you’re willing to get your feet wet. Luckily, you have control over your content and the wave you choose to ride.

A great place to begin is YouTube, the largest online video sharing platform. It’s a global stage that attracts more than 1 billion unique users each month from more than 60 different countries. You can tailor your content to suit niche demographics.

Your first video should authentically introduce your company and engage your audience. An engaged community on YouTube will live longer and grow further than if you simply tried to get customers to buy your product in 30 seconds.

You can research videos and channels that have built engaged communities by checking out YouTube Trends on Dashboard ( This tool allows you to select a certain demographic (say 18- to 24-year-old women in Honolulu) and see what currently are their favorite videos. You can even compare three demographics and see what they are watching side by side.

If one or more of those demographics is your target market, you will learn what types of videos appeal to them.

YouTube helps you succeed. Learn what resources are available for new or growing users at the YouTube Creators blog at and Don’t be afraid to hire professionals in production – videographers, actors, sound and lighting technicians – to bring your vision to life.

Finally, it is crucial to collaborate. Bring your communities together and make it a “win-win” situation throughout the process. If you’re a store, create a funny skit on video that showcases vendors’ products and cast your No. 1 customer.  Chances are your vendors and customer will share the video with their communities and their communities could share it with theirs and so on.

What I love about new media is the communities are supportive and passionate. Start within your own and grow it.


Mylen Fe Yamamoto
Founder, New Media Producer
(808) 221-0299

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