Hiring the Right People is More Than Intuition

Oh, how things have changed. Networking and connecting were not complex in the past, but today’s post-pandemic world of social distancing, masking, and virtual interactions make it tricky to have even a simple conversation.
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Every process in business needs to be questioned, clarified, and reworked, starting with the hiring process. Selecting the right talent can make or break an organization. The right people breathe life into the mission, and hiring the wrong person can cost an average of $4,000.00 per hire. (Source: Bersin by Deloitte, The Average Cost per Hire)

A recent study by Wiley Publishing reports that 3 out of 4 respondents agree that their hiring process is challenging to their organization. 75% are challenged with aligning colleagues and recruiters to job requirements. 68% say it is tough to know where to focus their attention during an interview. 78% report struggles with onboarding new hires. To add to the hiring pain points, managers are not confident that they are hiring the best candidate for the job when the process is overly intuitive.

Increase your hiring managers’ confidence and competence with selecting the right job candidate in four steps.

  1. Analyze your hiring process to ensure that it balances data & intuition
  2. Re-evaluate job descriptions with a team of people so that they accurately reflect the skills and abilities needed in today’s post-covid world
  3. Incorporate a data-driven hiring tool such as PXT Select that helps objectively match a candidate in 3 key areas:
      • Cognitive Skills – Can they do the job?
      • Behavior Skills – How will they do the job?
      • Interests – Will they be interested in the job?
  4. Connect the hiring process to a solid onboarding process. Carve out a tangible onboarding process that your hiring manager can begin to communicate to your new all-star recruit.

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